Amisulpride and Prolactin

Is Amisulpride better then risperidone for prolactin problems such as breast growth and genital shrink/ED effects?

Amisulpride is like an high tech chastity belt. The very opposite of sexual activity.

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Abilify is supposed to be the best atypical for prolactin.

I’m on amisulpride and I gotta agree it totally wrecks the sex drive, I have no interest in sex whatsoever. I was on risperdal too and compared to that amisulpride didn’t make me leak milk as much as risperdal. So I think risperdal affects prolactin levels more than amisulpride. I’ve been taking amisulpride for almost four years and noticed no side effects except no interest in sex nor is it easy to come when having it. In fact I never did come in sex at all. My one pdoc suggested coming off meds for three days to see if it would help sex drive but it didn’t do anything only made me relapse. So I gotta choose between sex or sanity. And I guess sanity wins lol!

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