Sex and frightened ignorance in my parents

I didn’t know any better, myself. I’m so glad there is sex education now. I know it would have helped me.



Sex education is very informative for heterosexuals. Others, not so much.

My gal went to Nursing School awhile ago. One day, the class watched a video of two guys having sex. She found it educational.

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So the Choo Choo train goes into the tunnel and then it reverses and then it goes back into the tunnel and then it drops off a load of coal

And then a stork Flys all the way from New Zealand to Heathrow airport then hops in a plane (business class of course) to drop off the baby.

And that’s where babies come from.

Sooooo who wants to sign up for my anatomy class???

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Lol I didn’t know they watch porn in nursing school. I guess porn is educational :joy:

I don’t think it was porn . . .

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