Sex Addiction and Mental Health?

Am I the only one who needs self-gratification several times a day, in simply dealing with an illness, which, is job enough for me, what is wrong, if there is anything, with self reward?

I often do also. Its not a crime

No, don’t worry about that. You’re not the only one. If our lives have few pleasures in them, it’s natural to stress the one’s we have. :slight_smile:

here is what is wrong with self reward:

  1. unable to keep a partner, either gender, because you’d rather pleasure yourself, it’s your sexual preference
  2. pleasure yourself why? because it’s easier , faster
  3. easier than foreplay or keeping a relationship with a partner, self gratification is faster
  4. if you please yourself regularly, there’s no ejaculate left for a partner, it’s biologically impossible to pleasure a partner if you’re already ‘done’

so, if you want to be alone, ■■■■■■■ yourself, then be a sex addict to self gratification. lonely road.

my now ex husband went to a clinical psychologist for treatment for this same condition, so I’m the resident expert on what is and is not a sex addiction, and what to do about it.

these doctors treat sex addiction, not schizophrenia

they recommend psychotherapy and my now ex husband was sent to a psyciatrist who prescribed SSRi’s, perhaps @mortimermouse will study this topic as he becomes a provider, or he could possibly also provide some advice

at the time, I was horrified, and I still am , at the entire event. but speaking as a partner of somebody with this problem, he definitely was not interested or capable of having intercourse with me, as he’d already ejaculated several times that week already without me.

I think this is the end of this thread.


I believe we have evolved to be master debators


I think so too :blush:

what does sex addiction have to do with Sz?
the only thing I can remotely think of is the day the psychologist said "well, mentally ill guys play with themselves a lot"
but then we got down to business, and he explained what a sex addiction was to me.
a mentally ill guy, psychotic, playing with himself a lot is somewhat different, from a sex addiction

sex addicts have their own forum , sex addicts anonymous is one place this discussion perhaps belongs

Since when is pounding the penguin exclusive to mentally ill dudes?


Mentally ill people often abuse drugs

Sex is the last legal drug



What about spinning around really really fast?


A few here who suffer Hypersexuality mostly related to Bipolar. Myself included.

Trying to find the norm of libido is a problem as what exactly is normal. Are a few on-line tests around in regard to sex addiction. Questions like missing work due to sex, Arrested for sexual acts. These are in the realm of sexual addiction, dangerous and affecting your life. Just about everything else is in the realm of healthy. We are sexual beings so don’t torture yourself over nothing.

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Thank you for you honesty, keen observations and excellent points, all five. I shall have to think thing over, on account of what you wrote, even in reading it I have had too concede all five points.

Most women aren’t my cup o tea anyway. When the right one is about I have plenty of energy. Fugget the man hate. I wouldn’t choose it even when I didn’t help myself

good luck to you, I hope you find some professional help

I’ve done one thing while hypersexual that I’m not proud of… I’m not going to say what it is but it’s not good. It would reflect very poorly on me as a person. But I was not myself. Hypersexuality is bad.