I don't beat off every day because I have Sz - root cause analysis

This masturbation topic has me going to, here’s one last thing I have to say about that

if you did a root cause analysis on why people touch themselves, here’s how I’d document that

People have sex to

  1. have children
  2. show and express love and affection to their partner
  3. self medicate for the dopamine rush caused by the orgasm

if you are beating off everyday, man or woman, doesn’t matter what sex you are, if you’re beating off each day, you are accomplishing #3, self medicating for the dopamine rush caused by the orgasm

everybody does it, yes everybody does it man or woman. If you’re doing it everyday, it’s a free dopamine injection, your mentally ill, you’re an addict. You may as well be drinking alcohol, shooting drugs. No, it’s not ok to do it everyday.

So, SzAdmin, if you want to update your approach to say “it’s normal for mentally ill folks to masturbate each day, I’m all over that”, but otherwise, it’s not normal for non-mentally ill people to do so.

if you are beating off everyday, you lose the ability or the motivation to express love and affection to your partner, and your partner will leave.

I wouldn’t call masturbating once a day, which takes 5-10 minutes or so, a problem. If you were doing it obsessively like 4-5 times a day then that’s a problem.


alcoholics don’t think they have a problem either

Equating once daily masturbation with alcoholism is way over the top.


not really, had a shrink go there with me, my ex husband spanked himself into his hand everyday, didn’t have any left for his wife, this was the explanation.

the dopamine provided by the ejaculation is comparable to a cocaine addiction, and physically, it’s tough to ejaculate multiple times per day.

I work in an office, and straw pole over a few beers, indicates office people don’t beat off daily, I know I don’t. I don’t understand why men and women orgasms are any different, the handle on a man is longer is all.

i just have to say that given the premise [quote=“NiceHat, post:1, topic:5806”]
If you’re doing it everyday, it’s a free dopamine injection, your mentally ill, you’re an addict.

would mean most teenagers are mentally ill. I think that might be an incorrect premise. I understand that you’re expressing your opinion but labeling people with mental illnesses is for doctors.

Masturbation is not a foreign source of dopamine so it’s not a substance abuse disorder criteria.


I’m all about science - if you can point to some reputable, consistent science that supports you - fine. But it seems you’re getting your information from a religious conservative group. All the science and medical experts I’ve read say there is no issue:




So - if you’re a runner (which also increases dopamine) - and you do it every day for 45 minutes, you’re mentally ill?

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yep, guess so

I ride my bike 100 miles a week to relieve my own stress, and I just found out I’m mentally ill, I have schizophrenia

you provided the video on pornography addiction yourself. sex addiction is the same, just remove the pornography support and you have it, why self medicate with masturbation… what is the motivation in that? the dopamine.

There is such a thing as sex addiction, but I wouldn’t label people who masturbate once a day as necessarily being sex addicts. I mean there are some people that simply have higher sex drives and need to do it every day. I wouldn’t equate masturbating every day as being the same thing as abusing drugs or alcohol. You are effectively saying that if you masturbate every day then it’s OK to do drugs and drink? I wouldn’t make that association.


no, actually I’m getting my information from a psychiatrist trained in sex , who says the reward of sexual activity (masturbation, multiple partners, sex addiction (Tiger Woods) porn) is the dopamine

these psychiatrists also say it’s easier to pleasure yourself than to take a woman out to dinner, foreplay, etc.

and then once you learn that pleasuring yourself is easier and faster, rewarded by dopamine, you are hooked and women (or any partner) are no longer required.

and this sex addiction is equal to any drug addiction like alcohol or cocaine, which SAMSA reports to be a mental illness, substance abuse

@NiceHat - Masturbation is a lot safer than casual sex, think unwanted pregnancies, STD’s, Hurt feelings, etc…
I do not think that masturbating once a day is a bad thing - it is actually very normal and healthy to indulge in such activity. For many people it is an outlet for inner anger and frustrations as well - Better safe than sorry


I totally agree , masturbation is safe sex, better than Tiger Woods action, multiple partner sex addiction. Sex addiction is sex addiction, choose your poison.

after the psychiatrist explained all this to me, sex addiction, dopamine release, same as alcohol or cocaine, I tried masturbating myself.

I have to admit, the release of tension, and dopamine is good. I do not find masturbation nearly as satisfying as having a partner, but the Dr. was right, it’s easier, quicker and I feel better (if needed) after masturbation. Releases tension.

so there, a woman just admitted she has masturbated, I do occasionally just to release tension. I can see the science in it, and feel the dopamine. It is easier than having dinner with a guy, waiting for him to call, find out he has multiple partners and catching an STD

Sure, sex addiction can be as serious as an alcohol or cocaine addiction. But In different ways. But I will repeat: every person who masturbates once a day IS NOT a sex addict.


whatever!!!, denial is the drug for you :slight_smile:

Well am I wrong or am I right?


You are right @77nick77 - I honestly dont think she is putting much thought into it

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