Severe arthritis in my neck

The physical therapist, who is the supervisor over there, read my exray report and said I have sever arthritis in my neck. It’s flattening out the spine were there’s supposed to be a curve in my neck. It’s effecting my posture and the way I hold my head. She works on my neck by doing manual traction or putting me in a traction machine. Then she massages my neck. She’s having me do exercises all day, easy ones that stretch and loosen the neck and head muscles. So far my neck is feeling a bit looser but I still get headaches everyday. It’s been 3 weeks. I would have hoped to have less headaches by now if that was the cause of the headaches. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s my meds giving me the headaches. Which is what I was afraid of.


I’m sorry @Leaf

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I get some relief from my arthritis pain with apple cider vinegar. It works pretty well on mild pain and makes my severe pain a bit easier to handle.

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Sorry to hear you are in discomfort. It seems she is doing her part and you are doing your part,

Discussing potential effects of medication with the proscribing dr or a gp or general practitioner is probably a next step

You shouldn’t have to deal with headaches if they are treatable,

All the best


I’m sorry. I hope the exercises help

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Having headaches everyday is awful. I hope you figure it out soon and get the right treatment.

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Sending up prayers! My prayers usually come true too.

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@Leaf, I’ve had severe degenerative osteoarthritis in my whole spine since my mid 20’s. My chiropractor told me that my cervical spine was straight instead of curved like it should have been.

In my late 40’s, I went from a migraine every 3 months to migraines every day. My neurologist told me that the arthritis in my jaws and neck were causing my migraine headaches.

Then, the neurologist put me on Botox injections all around my hairline, scalp, forehead, neck, and shoulders. I get these shots once every 3 months. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and I’m already seeing fewer and less intense headaches.

I also practice Hatha yoga for approximately 30 minutes 5 days a week. I have an app I use: It does a lot to keep my joints limber, strong and pain free. Including my neck.

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Sorry to hear that @Leaf. Pain sucks.

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sorry to hear @Leaf
I hope they manage to make you feel better and at least get rid of the headaches. Headaches suck totally =(

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