Severe Anxiety

I am on risperidone 0.5mg only now due to myself being on 1mg and getting severe anxiety, anxiety is a side effect of risperidone so hopefully lowering the dose will make me better in a few days.
Would any of you know if any other options would be available?
Do you think reducing the dose would get rid of the anxiety like the doctor thinks?
And have any of you had a situation like this happen?

I have only tried benzodiazepines for anxiety, but they have terrible long term side effects.

Hi, I was on Risperidone 2 mg when I started getting anxiety and restlessness, but my pdoc prescribed some Truxal for the anxiety and Lysantin for the restlessness and it really helped. Then she increased my dosage to 3mg and the side effects got so bad I had to go to the ER. Now I’m off it thank god. Listen to the doctor, but also yourself. I think it’s a balance between symptoms and side effects, maybe Risperidone just isn’t the right medication for you. Good luck!

I’d just wait and see what happens after your withdrawing of the risperidone. It’s a very rare side effect but is mentioned on the warnings to mention ASAP to your doctor if you get it. So i would presume by your withdrawing of it, that’s all you probably need. Although at 1mg I’m thinking he might also be tapering you off to put you on something else. The tapering slowly as you’re reacting so badly to it. So again wait and see… Patience is a virtue.

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I take risperidone - it doesnt seem to be worsening my anxiety, it could be helping it a bit. I don’t think that anxiety is an established common side effect of risperidone

@Wave anxiety is a side effect but not all would receive it it’s different for everyone

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@Cheeky_Chopz @Wave It’s an extremely rare side effect, Which all the warnings to do with risperidone say if the odd chance it does happen contact your doctor asap.

I was on a different med, Strattera for adhd, and started getting wicked anxiety. It also was a side effect of the drug so my pdoc took me off of it. After a couple of weeks, once the med was out of my system the anxiety went away. There are many alternatives to risperdone you will have to weigh the pros and cons of them with your pdoc.

Yeah it’s a side effect the doctor thinks I have because all the anxiety has came on and worsened as the dose increased.@dreamscape

I asked my doctor and there’s only one and that also has anxiety as a side effect so hopefully because the dose has been reduced the anxiety will go away, been dealing with the anxiety for a few weeks now and it’s been hell.
I have been unable to sleep and eat much also so hopefully things will work out in a few days but it all will take time

Risperdone worsened my anxiety above 2 MG. I wouldnt even leave bed because if I did butterflies would fill my chest. I am a month and a half off Risperdal (taking no other medications) and I still get really bad anxiety that wakes me up. I woke up today because of anxiety in my chest but strangely if I try to snuggle the blanket or sleep on my side it goes away but if I lay on my back it comes back again. sometimes its the reverse. I am starting to wonder if its Tarditive Dyskinesia in my heart or something. but who knows

I also think it is because of TD.

supposedly it can happen in the organs and lungs and stuff. it sucks, but there is a kind of TD that is just withdrawal TD and SOMETIMES it can actually go away completely YES its rare but dont give up hope completely. I have a theory that the TD comes from those pituatary tumors Risperdone creates. its probably pushing on my motor senses or something in my head just like it did with my hormones. thats why it causes gynecomastia is because it creates tumors in your pituatary gland that push on your hormonal parts in your brain.

why are you on such a low dose, are you getting off meds completely like I did?

Risperdal without antidepressant was nightmare for me. Are u on antidepressant? It helps me I on seroxat. On clozapine now
Deal with anxiety via
Positive affirmations
Mindfulness and meditation
A long walk to start the day
Going to bed late and getting up early so that you don’t spend to long in bed when not tired
I go bed 9 pm and get up 6 am

I agree with the cuddling the blanket and on the side thing, I sometimes hold my chest and that helps too

I’m on 1mg a day because of my age I’m only 15, they lowered the dose because of the anxiety it’s causing so hopefully that will help

That’s around the time I wake and sleep too! Yes I’m on an antidepressant anti anxiety medication but I’ve only been taking it for two weeks so it hasent kicked in yet

good luck my friend. listen to your body it will tell you when somethings wrong.

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@Cheeky_Chopz My apologies, you are so right, since increasing the Risperdal dose to 3 .5 and 4 mg my anxiety has worsened and I am amped up - more restless, my appetite has been awful - just not hungry, my stomach is always doing cartwheels.

I called up my pdoc to let her know that I am lowering the dose down to 3mg, hopefully this will do the trick.
If not, I have to switch meds - going to call her again and hopefully will be able to talk to her live - this is a living Hell!!