Does high dose of risperidone cause anxiety

I was on risperidone for eight years 10 mg it caused severe anxiety but worked well for controlling my positive symptoms. I went off of risperidone and went on abilify for a year and the anxiety cleared up. I had to stop abilify due to compulsive behavior. So I went back on risperidone low dose 6 mg but it doesn’t control my symptoms well. I have a very understanding PN and I refuse to let her put me on a higher dose. Thinking of trying something else. I can not go back to high anxiety. Maybe it’s all I’n my head.


Anxiety is a sideeffect

What about olanzapine? Its about as effective as risperidone from what I read. Clozapine is #1, Amisulpride, Olanzapine, Risperdal, etc
I had compulsive behavior too on 20mg Abilify, its why I stopped it. I believe the cause is that its a partial dopamine agonist and cause dopamine dysregulation syndrome. I am on 6mg Risperdal now, its wirking fine, no anxiety, no positive symptoms. But I still have negative symptoms.


Or your other choice is to stay on Risperdal but take anxiety meds.

Anxiety is a ■■■■■, but the med’s we take have a marked effect on our personalities. I feel like we have the right to be as comfortable as we can on our med’s. The research they do on med’s gives them insights into the working of the brain. They say this century will be the “century of the brain”.

Can you try invega shot instead of risperdal?paliperidone(invega)is active metabolite of risperidone which is cause no sedation and work well as well as risperidone.invega really powerful drug against positive symptoms.i might advice to try that drug.and yes risperidone absolutely cause anxiety in high doses which invega not at all.

It did for me. I was only on it for a few weeks and had to come off…