Seroquel side effects


I am on Seroquel now and am experiencing side effects. I have a persistent headache that doesn’t respond to aspirin and am very constipated and laxatives are not providing relief. Anyone have any experience dealing with these side effects?


The only thing that helps me with constipation is dulcolax/bisacodyl.


Tell your doctor they might have you switch meds to something else.


probiotics would help with the constipation, that’s what I do


Have you tried drinking coffee?? Depakote made me constipated when I first started it and coffee was like the only thing that made me go lol. I get migraines and nothing works for them except excedrin. I recommend trying that. It has a lot of caffeine in it though so try not to take before bed.


Coffee doesn’t seem to get me going but I am going to try taking a fiber supplement and see if that helps.


I had a salad :green_salad: today and it went straight through me


I talked to my doctor today but was too embarrassed to ask about constipation. I have switched to a new med (Geodon) for other reasons but am worried that this one will be constipating as well.



I have been on Geodon for a good while and have had no adverse side effects from it.