Seroquel gives me amazing sleep

It really does. I think it’s funny because the field of neurology, that normally deals with sleep issues, seems to say seroquel is sketchy for sleep and shouldn’t be prescribed. My own neurologist said this and if you look up seroquel for sleep there’s papers and articles questioning it. However traditional sleep aids either haven’t done anything to me at all, or only did for a while then I gained tolerance, and none gave me so restful sleep.

According to my Fitbit I naturally only get half the amount of REM sleep I should get every night. Lack of REM sleep can lead to chronic fatigue and sleepiness and vivid dreams, and more things all associated w narcolepsy. Seroquel changes my sleep, and makes it so I get a normal amount of REM. When I take it I’m able to wake up naturally without even using modafinil, and I feel rested. So it makes it seem like I’m getting much more vivid dreams than normal but that’s just because normally I don’t have a lot of REM to begin with I just wake up when it starts.

This is all just me theorizing again but still cool! Trying to be a scientist w the minimal tools at my disposal.

summary: Normally I don’t get enough REM sleep like half the healthy amt, seroquel actually doubles my amount of time spent in REM so it’s at a normal amount now. (I measure it w Fitbit) I think that’s how it makes me feel so well rested and helps me wake up naturally. & it works better than regular prescribed sleep aids for me and I haven’t gained tolerance to it even though I’ve been on it quite a while. Cool!!


I just started 25mg for sleep. Have you gained weight?

Nope. I was on 50 mg. 25 mg also works for me but I find the sleep isn’t as restful so I’m gonna go back on 50. I was on 50 for months and no weight gain at all. I think it only causes it at higher doses.

I’m going to see what the sleep app says on my Apple Watch. For REM. I’m glad you found something that works!

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Yes please do, I’m interested to see if it has the same effect on other people!!

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