Seroquel feeling faint & dizzy

Hi sz, some history I have been taking seroquel for I recall 2 years now, Pdoc started me 400mg, but I felt my symptoms more than I felt well. Then I made it to my next appointment where I went up 600mg, same thing I felt more symptoms than I felt wellness. Then increased dosage some more to 800mg. That is where I was stable for about a year. Then I noticed a change I felt it hard to be clear and organized so i asked for another increase, well I was on the max dose 1200mg for a few weeks, felt great, then abruptly some change, and I had a massive headache which I believe was caused by the seroquel. I bumped down my dosage to 1000mg the pdoc was fine with that. There I maintained much stability, however I was gaining weight when I recall on 800mg I was losing weight. Well at roughly 4:00am this morning. I felt faint and dizzy like I was going to pass out, at first it was slight, although I thought it may be from seroquel I have a strong suspicion that is from seroquel. I’d rather not change my medicine you guys. But I think going back to 800mg is worth a try. But what happens if that doesn’t work? It’s just I found seroquel to be the lesser evil in AP meds. I just… even a 200mg is such a super change in well being I don’t know how I will adapt and carry out the life I been used to, Will it make me isolate, I don’t know. Will it make me become mean, will it make me take risks, it is dangerous I been through so many trials with AP’s. Well I’d like to if you may know how you felt, if you ever felt faint or dizzy from your medicine, how did you deal with that? Thank you soo much

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I have 600 mg seroquel dose and I feel good, I have gained a little weight, your 1200 mg and 1000 mg sounds very high. I have also 30 mg zyprexa with this seroquel, maybe you can ask your pdoc something like that.


Hi mjseu,

Do you feel zyprexa is a good addition to seroquel? Do you feel they work well together? What is it like with out the zyprexa, and just the 600mg seroquel, vice versa? Were you worried about any medicine interaction potentially hazardous interaction with zyprexa and seroquel together? Is 30 mg Zyprexa do you consider that a low dose of zyprexa? What is the range for it?

I would advise drinking tons of water while taking Seroquel. It causes dehydration and it also causes your temperature to rise dramatically.


I have had good results with seroquel XR. It lasts 24hrs and is a steady/gradual release.

thanks psychotic teen, maybe I didn’t get enough water last night, so forgetful about that very important.

Hmm gradual release will be something I emphasize to my pdoc. Because once seroquel 1000mg passes through my system like once the side effects fade, it is a very good AP

Yeah I have noticed less side effects. Not sure if the XR is expensive though.

welcome. I take it currently, so it really impacts me.

I have 300 mg Seroquel and 25 mg Abilify. Sometimes I feel like I will faint and become dizzy. I go and lie down in bed when that happens. After I have rested for a while it’s gone.

Right now I’m on 800 MG, 850 if I feel I need to take the smaller dosage pill, and I feel fine. Sometimes I’m a little light-headed but nothing I can’t handle and I’m not so sure it’s from the drug. I have terrible allergies and the times I feel that way is when my allergies are acting up…like when I’m laying down and I sit up to fast, or I feel horrible…like I’m going to throw up when I feel them draining. Today I felt like hell, but it was unusually hot last night and I didn’t sleep well. I can’t sleep when I’m hot…

One thing that helps keep the light-headedness and dizziness away is to make sure you eat enough. Since I take mine before bed I usually have a light snack with my medication. Depending on your schedule you could take it with dinner if you wanted. I usually only get the side-affects if I don’t get enough food in my stomach when I take the pills. Even through out the day I feel that way if I don’t eat enough. I’m sure it’d be better if you ate healthier foods, but I just eat like a bowl of chips, or sometimes I’ll have some ice-cream. Today I had a bowl of serial because my temperature was lower than 97 degrees and didn’t think it was a good idea to eat something cold.

It affects us and everyone. I would like to thank you all. I am going to decrease my seroquel down to 800mg. As someone stated it may be a physical health problem and not the seroquel.

If you may be wondering, I got orders from my pdoc allowing me to take anywhere from 400-1200mg. I like how he allows me to experiment that way.

But really I suspect it has to do with the high dosage. Since I gained 20lbs since I increased to 1000mg, that changed my health over all. Im just going to jog a lot and eat oatmeal.

I feel like I am artificially alive. Ugh 1000mg everything is so clear and calm. Take the good with the bad I guess. What is bad can be good and what good can be bad psychiatrically speaking.

Seroquel and zyprexa has worked for me, although sometimes I am very tired, especially in evenings this is good because it helps me to get a good sleep, normally I sleep appx nine hours, I had my blood work done some time ago and this medication mix has not caused any problems, but I am sure that seroquel has contributed to my elevated blood sugar levels and diabetes for which I have also meds and zyprexa causes me RLS (Restless legs syndrome) for which I have also meds. In the past I have had terrible pain in my legs for which I have had to take painkillers.

I do not know what is low or high dose, just following my pdocs’ orders. But I think that if you take 1200mg or 1000mg seroquel it is high, I could understand why you would feel dizzy and faint.

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My son had issues with passing out and the doctor told him to drink more water and eat on a regular schedule. He is not on meds, but maybe your problem wasn’t med related. If your iron is low you may have problems with passing out too. You can get that checked with a blood test. I am on seroquel too. Sometimes I have a hard time if I wake up in the middle of the night. I just try to get back to sleep as fast as possible.

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Well I’m just updating my condition. I have some valuable information. I lowered my dose to 800mg from 1000mg lastnight. I felt less groggy. But I got to watch it. My behavior at this dose I remember can get out of control if I am not careful. So far everything is stable. No negatives. I had some caffeine, I told myself I wouldn’t but that stuff is a drug. I was afraid to drink it because I remember the caffeine tends to scramble my thoughts sometime. Although I am limiting my self to one only. I feel ready now to start my new routine, to knock off 20lbs quickly. It’s always been this way for me. Gain and lose gain and lose. I got down to to 225lb. My ultimate goal was 180lb, however I have been pumping iron since last year, running on treadmill. That is what it takes to battle weight gain. Oh and Metformin, like that stuff works to prevent weight gain? Not for me. Or maybe I haven’t noticed or given it enough time, but it will tell. I gotta monitor everything, thoughts, feelings, they all change when you decrease mg. Not letting myself testosterone fool myself into going ape mode is one thing. But one great thing I did learn and carry with me that I didn’t have last time. Was the wisdom. I have gotten smarter no doubt. I know I sound like a reverend perhaps but I advocate recovery. I’m trying to think of one last tip I can share before I go. And it’s not coming to me. So Ya’ll everyone have a good day, and please be safe out there.

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Maybe you have low blood pressure would cause you to get woozy? I can’t take such doses of Seroquel. I take 100 mg at bedtime.

Yes I was dizzy at first. I think the thing that causes that is postural hypotension. Solution was to get up slowly from bed or a chair. Quick up movements could make me faint.