Seroquil ap


New ap. I’ve been freaking out over meds lately after taking 10mg zyprexa. Side effects were just too hectic and I’ve become extremely paranoid about meds which isn’t a good thing.

With regard to seroquil I just started and was so paranoid I’ve convinced my doc to start me on 100mg. Is this dose basically a sleeping pill.

Just want to hear advice.


i was on 25 mg and 50 mg and it made me sleep like 16 hours a day at first I was on such a low dose it wasn’t doing anything for psychosis but I think the dose for that is like 400 I’m not sure

That’s the thing I feel kind of foggy,Tired etc but it’s such a low dose I don’t see why it’s making me like this

I used 50 mg to fall in sleep. But i quit because it was makong me too sedating

after a while it stopped making me tired it shouldn’t last that long

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Thanks hopefully there’s more replies :grin:

According to Wikipedia seroquel only acts as an antipsychotic at doses over 250mg. It can be used to treat mania at doses lower than this.

@Magicfish I’ve been taking serequel for a long time. I take 100 mg at night and that’s a fairly small dose as 50 is the only thing less. I was up previously at 300 but it gave me restless leg syndrome which is an absolutely horrible thing to have when your trying to sleep, it’s painful. I was prescribed another drug I can remember to combat the rls but now at 100 mg I don’t need the other drug and it helps me sleep. When I was at psych ward one time they gave me 600mg / day spaced out between meals - all I did was sleep and feel like a zombie.

Anyways glad to hear you’re on it I think it’s a good drug

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Do you feel tired the next day though and like spaced out at 100mg which is a small dose. How did you feel at first when u took it.


I take Seroquel. Yeah, when you first take it you feel very sedated, but over time you do build up a tolerance to it.

I take 600 mg at 9:00 PM (which was 6 hours ago), and I’m relaxed (not heavily sedated), but everyone is different.

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I think it helps me sleep better and I wake up feeling alright. No zombie effect anymore

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Do you take it only at night? I take 200mg along with some other meds in the morning and it helps. I think it overall a better choice than zyprexa

I wast taking 150mg twice during the day and 300mg at night it was very sedating and i couldnt handle the anxiety and aggression it gave me went back on to 20mg olanzapine which suits me better.