Tried to reduce meds

And I feel terrible.

My pdoc told me to try taking my seroquel down by a third and I woke up so angry and unwell. He said to just give it a try. I’m not going to do it anymore.

I feel so bad. Can’t wait to take my normal dose tonight.

Has anyone else had an instant bad reaction to reducing their meds?

I feel so sorry for myself! :persevere:

Are you sure you aren’t getting sick?

What’s the reason for the reduction?

Might not be your lowered dose but could be withdrawal symptoms.
Maybe if you give it more time.


He wanted to see if I got less side effects. I think I need a higher dose, I always have.

I can’t give it more time I don’t think, I’m so agitated and furious and everything seems disjointed.

I feel lucky that the higher dose makes these symptoms go away.

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Have you talked to your pdoc about making changes again? Will s/he be okay with it? Has s/he added any additional meds to compensate for the decreased dosage? Please be very careful if you choose to adjust your meds yourself. It is advisable to seek out a pdoc/ gp’s guidane before doing so.

Stick with the regular. Having a reaction like that probably tells you something!

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It sounds like maybe you need a different med if the side effects are bad and you feel like you need a higher dose? Maybe a different drug would work better for you?

He said just to give it a try and if it didn’t work go back on my old dose.

We have a good relationship, he is fine with me taking a little extra if I need it, he gives me a lot of control over my dosages.

Thanks @rogueone

Yep, I know when I’m not myself and balanced.

He thought it might help me lose weight but I don’t even care, I’ll take being overweight over being psychotic.

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How much seroquel are u taking @Pamito…??

I am on 25 mg…it puts me on sleep…

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800, have been on that dose for like 17 years. Only side effect is weight gain.


Sounds good then. You seem to have a contingency plan in place in case this adjusted dose failed. I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks Happy_Heather

I reduced my meds without the consent of my doc and after a week voices got intense and loud…

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