Seroquel dulls my cognition

I just wanted to ask if you have gotten a worse cognition while treated with seroquel. Because I have. At the moment I have suggested to my nurse that we raised the dose of Clopixol to 500 mg. every 3 week and lower the seroquel dose to 300 mg. Seroquel from 600 mg and we keep geodon at 160 mg


For me its the sz that dulled my cognition and not meds.

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But as for negative symptoms I think its both the sz and the meds. But I have no other choice than taking meds as I am insane and much worse without them.

To be honest I am danger towards my family and everybody else. It’s because I have a very serious harm OCD.I have never done anybody any thing. they realy scare me. And I don’t have them on meds. My abilities to concentrate and remember has suffered because of seroquel.

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I went unconscious on seroquel. Dropped my bp.

Everything is OKAY again. I’m going to the health clinic for my 500 mg Clopixol today. The next 3 week they will lower my seroquel down to 400 mg.


I had an allergic reaction, had to go the hospital…got the works…tube down my throat, IV in my arm and an assortment of medications.

Seroquel is the only AP I know of that is prescribed PRN as an off label sleep aid. It makes sense that you might feel sluggish on it.

I know a guy who takes it, and works out 5 hours a day, works full time, and engages in endless hobbies after work. So it obviously doesn’t affect everyone the same way. But if it is causing you issues, it seems wise to ask for a change.

I will say I used to have intrusive thoughts of causing harm. I took gabapentin for about a year, and it helped, but it gave me side effects so I switched to CBD. I don’t struggle with those issues anymore. I never acted violently, just had thoughts that disturbed me. I never had a plan or desire to act on them so I was not deemed a high risk.

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I have Levomepromazine (Nozinan) as PRN for sleep.

It’s a low potency AP but is highly sedative

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Ive never heard of that one. I wonder if it is available in my country.

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It’s an older medication

The drug keeps you asleep but you will need at least an hour in the morning to shake off the groggy feeling

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According to wikipedia it is only available in UK and Australia.

That’s a shame :-/

Seroquel used to knock me out cold.
But before I passed out I would hallucinate these ghost like images of people floating in my room.

Strange drug indeed.

I’ve found that the schizophrenia itself has affected my cognition. I’m not as sharp as i used to be, and i find that quite difficult to accept. I take Ziprasidone and Clozapine, and i can be quite sedated when i first wake up. I try to combat that with coffee, but sometimes i still fall asleep again straight after drinking it. I hope you can work on a dose of your medications that works for you.

I don’t really have intruitive thoughts any Mor because they respond so well to antipsychotics. For me it’s not so much a question about what meds I take but only about that I get enough. Each antipsychotics comes with it’s own side effects so it’s about balancing the side effects.

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Yes. I switched to something else because I noticed my thoughts slowing down. It gave me a feeling of latency and I was reacting to everything later than other people.

The pharmacy hadn’t the clopixoldepo ampuls yesterday so I went to the pharmacy and got it today. After that I went to the health clinic and recieved my jab. Then I talked to my nurse about lowering Seroquel we decided to keep me on 500 clopixol depo every 3 weeks 500 mg seroquel and 160 mg Geodon. My nurse told me that my cognition will improve in time.