Sent my friend an email

told him i would email him when i got back from in my trip in dec/ jan, but just got around to it 3 months later.

i apologized for withdrawing and asked him how was work with the pandemic and all. that’s about it. i wonder if i will hear back from him?

i think im content with just having work friends honestly, that would make me feel like i have a social life going to work. maybe not romantically, but that is not something i worry about either.

I hope he emails you back. Why do you think you waited so long to talk to him?

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i just didn’t feel like it. and im planning on moving. and in the past he’s said when people move away they’re dead to him. so i was thinking i needed to make differrent friendships.

but mostly i just haven’t felt like it.

i heard he is adopting, he just got married last year. so in the future his life will be more about his kid then his old buddies i think. im better with kids now than i used to be, i used to be terrified of kids and parents, but i’ve gotten used to them since i have 7 niece’s and nephews and they are no big deal to me anymore.

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That’s a really harsh thing he said to you. I’d not feel like contacting him either. Well, I’m sure in the end it’ll all work out. I’m glad you’re not scared of kids and parents anymore. They’re just people :wink:

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haha yeah, i don’t know why i was so nervous around them.

yeah he’s a nice guy if your on his good side, but i learned he was a judgemental gossipy prick if you have a disagreement. for example i was also good friends with this same women back in college and after there little relationship had soured he did nothing but slander her. i knew better to believe him because i was good friends with her as well. that really left an impression on me back then and i’ve kind of been looking the other way about him ever since. if i had more friends i think we would just be acquintances instead of friends, i don’t know maybe that makes me a bad friend too for being half in half out about our friendship.

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If he doesn’t contact you, you’re not missing anything.

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