Ish no friends

Yeah I miss having those friends but please kick sense into me on why I shouldn’t contact them again :pleading_face:


You are who you surround yourself with :zebra::zebra::zebra:


Yes, I’ve had some really cool, great friends before and after becoming schizophrenic. It always turns into abuse. They were cool people and they introduced me to a lot of cool fun stuff like bowling, pool, Little League, eventually smoking pot, and other stuff but I am a leery of jumping back in the saddle and having friends again because I can’t get past the sadistic verbal bullying that my friendships always become.

I have clicked with certain people I’ve met these past years, both female and male and I could see a friendship forming but I’m afraid of damn commitment, even if it’s just going out to coffee. I like things just the way they are with people at work. I’m friendly and I talk to everybody without having to have some deep serious relationship.

And with the people at work it’s not like I am only friendly when they’re nice to me. I accept that they get in bad moods sometimes and get mad at me or grumpy or that they are not perfect and they get defensive at times etc. Because I often am the same way.

Damn if all this is true than nothing is stopping me from having a friendship again! Live and learn!


Friends have all disappeared, they know I have SZ and want nothing to do with it.


You need friends that love and support you and appreciate you for who you are.

Those “friends” you were hanging out with werent good for you


I am in the same lonely boat as you. Actually I drove them away. Whether that was on purpose or not is still a mystery to me. I think I just hate people in general, quite honestly.


I think having one or two close friends that are like family is important. But not all friends are worth keeping. Some come and go.


That would be no one lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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