Haven't heard from my friend since like march or february

sometimes we email each other, but haven’t heard from him. he said he wanted to go kayaking this summer, but never contacted me. i wonder if i will hear from him again? it’s no big deal if i don’t hear from him, im used to my life of solitude and when he comes over for visits it stresses me out because he stays like 3 hours each time and i have to make conversation. we lost contact with each other for a few years but then he invited me to his wedding a couple years ago. we used to be roommates and hung out all the time when we were in our 20’s. my pdoc thinks i need friends and social life, but i honestly don’t know if i can handle it, it’s not a big priority for me, as i mostly just see family.


i see him drive home from work in his ford mustang, he lives in the same town as me, we both moved here. he was just promoted at work. he was working like 55 hours a week, so maybe he is just busy.

he said he bought zombieland 2 and wanted to get together and watch it sometime.

i contacted him last time, so just gonna wait it out and see if he contacts me or not. if not, will just see what else life has in store for me.

I know you have to go more than your share of the way when making friends and keeping them. You don’t want them to be out of your life but it’s not unrealistic to think we are easily forgotten. We don’t make a very big splash.

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Even if it stresses you out, it probably hurts that he hasn’t contacted you. I have a friend who only contacts me if she’s feeling good. She has an injury and has been sick so I didn’t hear from her for quite a while. But now she’s feeling better and is contacting me again.

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i think it’s just the difference between him being a guy who works, is married, and has lots of friends, versus me who sits at home all day, and has lost contact with all previous friends except him. i try to just let things happen. i don’t typically think about him, unless i see him drive by my house on his commute back home from work.

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I do think friendship is really important. Your family won’t always be around

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