Sensitive eyes

my eyes have been really sore lately and i lost my glasses and i got a new pair but they are still sore and i think it is a side effect of my med :frowning: its really annoying,

anyone else get sore/sensitive eyes and do you have any suggestions that might help?

Get away from the computer screen and rest your eyes. Seriously. :smiley:

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I agree we tend to forget to blink when we look at computer screens, See if some eye drops help also. The main side effect from meds that has been mentioned by my optometrist is from anti-antidepressants which is blurred vision.

my eyes are still bad i keep thinking i am developing what my mum has got but then they say its not genetic (they say) and i don’t believe them :frowning:

A girl told me I had sensitive eyes once.

Okay I’ll shut up. Really I will…I’ll try.

What did the eye Dr say about your eyes?

said they were ok and no signs of RP but i was thinking it could be at the very early stages, i have L .50 and R .75 lenses which isn’t bad but i had to get anti glare lenses because of the light sensitivity but they don’t work very well.

What is RP? Retinitis Pigmentosa (?) runs in my family and causes blindness. I have light sensitivity, too.

yes, apparently my mum has been told that she has non-hodgkins retinitis pigmentosis, so its either that or its a side effect of my medication

My uncle had it. My father told me that it starts with your perriferal vision. That I should every now and then put my arms straight out to the side at shoulder height, face forward + see if you can see your arms. If not move them forward a little Keep tabs not to often to see if things change. That’s what I was told.

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If not move them forward a little

Should read - If i do that , move just my eyes from side to side a little, I can see my hands and arms. So I know I’m OK.

You should check with your Dr next time to see if this is right. I remember it took my uncle a long time before he lost his sight completely.