Sore eyes :(

Idk what’s causing it but my eyes are very sore ‘sensitive’ :frowning:

Have you had your eyes checked recently? Sore eyes usually mean tried. Maybe your straining too much.

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idk, i had my eyes checked but they said they were fine, and i got new glasses with a tint but my eyes are still very sensitive and idk what’s causing it, its very painful and uncomfortable

Could get sore if you spend too much time in front of digital screens. Also sharp light might cause it, like blue led lights. Best to have warm color in all your lightbulbs. I actually use the old style light bulbs because I think it is better for my eyes.

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Hay fever maybe?

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I was going to say allergies. I have sore eyes. I know I have too much screen time, but even without the screen time I’ve got year round allergies. If it’s not the plants it’s the wood smoke from fireplaces.

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i think its stress, psychological sstress around my eyes which is made worse when trying to focus on the screen

Yea too much stress can ■■■■ people up.

I mean there’s motivational stress which is good.

But the other type too much

Too long

Is bad

I’ve got it too but I’m working on changing it.

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Hope your eyes get better

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Thanks Mae, I actually had to do a proper covid test tonight at the test station bc my breathing is terrible and i have a cough :frowning:
i used the pulse oximeter and my oxygen levels are a fluctuating a bit too :frowning:

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When will you get the covid result? Sounds a bit scary about your breathing.

it is scary, i’ll know within 24-72hrs, its usually the next day

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