so hard to write this right now i am in pain, it feels like myy eyes are on fire

anyone else get photosensitivity?

and is it a side effect?

Part of it could be sinus congestion from being sick. Your body is fighting your cold/flu and could need more rest.

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My eyes are normally sensitive to dense light, the sun’s light especially, like a vampire lol

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“Eyes on fire” is not photosensitivity. PS is when you burn easily. I have no idea why your eyes are on fire. Maybe strain from looking at a screen too long?

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my eyes have always been a problem since last year, i’ve had to get new glasses

i hyave 3 pairs, shades, reaction lenses and anti reflection, they are pretty good

i was recently at the opticians and they tested everything (passed 100% on the dot test)

my eyes had actually improved but i told her about my sensitivity to light and she said it could be a side effect from my medication so that where i got the idea, i havent had the doc check them but all he would do is look up the list of side effects and i can do that myself.

same here, I feel vampiric because of my photosensitivity XD

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