Light Sensitivity

Anyone else have light sensitivity from their medications? I have to wear sunglasses outside even when it’s cloudy out. If I don’t I have to squint and see tons of floating dots.


I’m also sensitive to light and squint easily. I don’t know if it’s the meds or because of sitting a lot indoors.

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I spend a lot of time indoors too but never had this issue until I was on meds.

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Yes. I don’t think it’s been too bad lately, but have worn bluelight blockers at work sometimes. I work in a shop and the light from the ceiling lamps can be a bit intense.

I have light sensitivity but I also have keratoconus sooo that could be it for those who don’t know keratoconus is corneal eye disease

Yes, I have reaction lenses which are meant to help, and they do but my eyes get really sore with the different kinds of light :frowning: I have to touch my eyes are rub them or touch my eyebrows or adjust my glasses and its very annoying and it can be a little bit dangerous when driving my car sometimes.

Light sensitivity started during psychosis for me.

I remember driving and headlights being ridiculously bright. Ambulance lights would give me migraines.

It’s a bit better now, but driving at night is still a little rough.

I also wear sunglasses on cloudy days, but it’s more so people won’t look at my eyes— kinda like a protective barrier if you will.

My apartment is always dark. All my applications are in dark mode.

In my old office, the bright lights used to affect me really badly too

I definitely have light sensitivity but I also don’t think its related to meds. Might be wrong of course.

I had a test for epilepsy once and they make you watch a really high powered light. It made me feel dizzy etc and some games or films that have strong flashing lights have the same effect.

Industrial lighting really annoys me when its used in a waiting room etc. My old mental health teams waiting room was like that, meanwhile on the other side of the glass, in the receptionist’s/office area they have all fancy lighting (as well as A/C while we just had a fan). It used to make me so angry before seeing my Pdoc etc. They made a MH hospital and paid plenty of money for the lighting for the staff, but not bothered for the actual patients. Wonder how much they actually saved.

I also can’t see very well at night. Headlights on cars just seem so powerful and obstruct my vision. I’m glad I don’t drive for this reason. I’ve thought about buying special glasses for it if I ever get my licence