Self obsessed

I am self obsessed in a vain quest to pin down the real me. Constantly searching for answers only to find more questions and more doubt.

Maybe it’s because you’re lost.

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i felt the same way for a long while , i was not comfortable in what i would wear, what job i did, how i acted around people , where i lived etc… but then i realized i actually only needed one quality , to be kind ,and then i found a calmness in my life .(of course when i am not in psychosis that is ! )
take care


Firemonkey, just wanted to let you know that I feel the same way right now. Pob is right, I feel lost and am trying to find me again. I totally look to other people on how to act normally and what to say that doesn’t come out crazy (is this co-dependency?), that I have no idea who I am. Only advice I can offer is to keep on searching for your answers.

I have found that that only takes you so far the world needs more kindness I try to do something kind for a family member a friend etc
helping others ultimately helps yourself.
I want to know the answers too tho hehe


I’m feeling a bit self obsessed as well. I don’t really care too much about what old class mates are doing or who’s famous or not. I’m really content with life for now and I haven’t been comparing myself too badly to what I’m seeing around me. I sort of see who I want to become. But I’m not looking at others for that.

I am so happy that when I wake up in the morning, I remember what I did yesterday. I really haven’t been paying attention to much to a lot of people around me. (Just like always)

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I have “male compensatory behavior” according to my psychologist. I try to make myself better through school and lifting weights because it makes me feel in control of myself, which I have always been unsure of. I think schizophrenia does make us all self-obsessed…we have our very own view of reality which others don’t have, which makes us mentally ill, psychotic- out and of touch with reality. We have so much trouble with our own lives that we often become very introverted. I don’t think there are social butterfly schizophrenics…havent heard of them.

ive become my own best friend.

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i don’t really think i am self obsessed tbh. i have kids and pets so i don’t really have the time for inner reflection. yes i have a lot of time but i don’t really use it to contemplate my navel as it were. maybe i should, lol.

Maybe schizophrenia is an escape. Symptoms worsen with anxiety and stressful situations.