SELF mismatch and cause of Schizophrenia

Feels less alone?

Have seen enough posts by people here - ON MEDS and how they are struggling.

U want me to paste all of them?.

I think now I am really done.

@Minnii the ONLY and SOLE reason I come here is TRY TO HELP people to see the mess they are putting themselves onto by being on Meds.

No more comments from my side. This is my last post for good.

Okay because “greatness” of life is tangible and can be measured. Right? Yeah my life isn’t perfect (no ones is) but its very ignorant to say “I have more greatness in life than you”, good luck

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Those people are at least honest with themselves about what they are facing. It’s an important step towards recovery. Here’s hoping you get there soon. Take care, saurav.


Dude, seriously. I resent the implication that we’re all weak because we choose medication over the debilitating symptoms.
Give yourself a shake and get some help.


I think that what you’re doing is showing them the mess they would be in without them. For example, one decision I have made based on stories like yours is to give my family medical power of attorney, so if I ever end up in a similar state, they can help me even if I refuse to help myself.

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you came here countless times asking for our help, you gave it and you decided you are against it.
It’s not your fault you’re like this and that is the only and sole reason we still answer you.

Like I said multiple times, there are other ways besides medication. You need professional help.


Yes thanks for it (for confirming on my insight into my delusions).
Would not ask any more questions.

Adios and Adios Folks.

cc: @saurav1

Much as I hate labels, I am inclined to agree with @Mottec .


Just another complex assembly of ego defenses to try to compensate for our insecurities and anxieties. BUT… one can utilize the tools truly spiritual – as opposed to absolutistic, authoritarian and rule-bound (or religious) – Buddhism to manage and reduce the symptoms.

what next?.

SZ, Schizoid…Anything else is lined up for me?.

Enough guys, Im out.

ENJOY UR MEDS. Atleast dont push it to innocent, unsuspecting people.

ps: There has been no input on my OP. That is somewhat dissapeared.

ps2: But been labelled plenty of times :). Im kind of used to it now. All cause I did not choose meds and a few dollars are lost for the great pharma industry.

Anyways take care folks.

Notmoses, have you been saved by Jesus Christ?

(hehe I keed)

I find diagnostic descriptions helpful. They hold a mirror to my behavior that makes it possible for me to see, hear and sense what I am doing more completely so that I can apply therapeutic techniques to what I see, hear and feel.

Yup. When I was about five. I got myself un-saved as quickly as I could.

I was joking. Sorry if I sounded like a prick.

[quote=“saurav1, post:1, topic:32798, full:true”]Your comments please.
[/quote]I’m not a fan of this theory, or of the language employed in the overall summation of your theory.

The problem, as I see it, doesn’t lie in some realm of metaphysics, but rather in the domain of the human brain. There is some manner of brain dsyfunction or damage and it causes the core processes of the mind to become confused. It’s like a computer with a busted processer or some other part, only our “computer” can heal with time & a proper regimen of recovery (be that with or without pharmacuetical help).

Mine isn’t a personality disorder. My “self” has stayed constant. The real problem lies in how I am able to interpret reality, or how able I am to use my own imagination (which is quite low compared to being prior SZ).

I think the brain will evolve & conquer whatever it is I have. My life has ultimately changed for the better b/c of SZ, something I was able to understand right away. I stay optimistic that I am conjuring new strengths, and changing out my weaknesses for less vulernable ones.


I don’t know where I’d be now if I stopped taking my psych meds. I thank the Heavens for my prolixin every day.

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Delusional and grandiose. Your non meds approach isn’t working.


In which case why are you going on and on about being injected? If it’s not a problem to you then stop going on about it. If it is a problem then whatever you are doing at present isn’t working.


Your theory is that you are comparing Consciousness to a machine. Which is flawed -logically too.

Machines don’t have emotions while Human consciousness does.

You are ignoring a very important component of Human Mind ==Emotions and Feelings.

I believe these 2 are primarily important in all Cognition.(And especially INTELLIGENCE).

This is the problem with Freudian Pschology . It treats humans as Rational Machines (almost Aristotalian) with black and white thinking which is not how the Human Mind works IMHO.