SELF mismatch and cause of Schizophrenia

I do not have SZ but have Delusional Disorder.

But here is my understanding as to what can CAUSE Schizophrenia.

It is really my assumption and my understanding and I could be wrong.

My understanding is that Schizophrenia Primarily occurs due to the Mismatch of the SELF. All of us Humans have 3 types of SELF.

A. REAL SELF - Your True Consciousness
C. FALSE SELF - The Self you project to others (Depending on the situation).

A. The REAL SELF - Is your true infinite Consciousness which never comes into play for 99% of Humanity. It is the real Conscious SELF and Conscious Awareness. It is your TRUE BEING. It can be something of a Subconscious . But that is really a term for calling it as something hidden. It is hidden because most of humanity have other thoughts/Feelings/Perceptions covering their TRUE SELF.

B. The CORE SELF - This is the Self that you identify with - with Passion. It basically DESCRIBES you and your personality. You could be Independent, Honest, Nice, Compassionate, Loving, Truthful, etc etc or you could be the opposite - Jealous, Cunning, Duplicated, Lying, Hateful OR Dependent, etc etc. It is basically whom you think that you ARE. This is the SELF that you RETURN to when you are by yourself and all alone and when you contemplate. All YOUR Actions, Judgements, Perception and EVEN EMOTIONS come out of the Core Self. It also chiefly determines your relationships and potential in your lives for good or bad.

C. The FALSE SELF - This is the Self that you project to others based on the environment. For example a person with a bad core self may project to others to be just the opposite when the situation demands (at workplace, Friends or at home).

Or sometimes a Good person may need to become cunning and malicious inorder for personal safety and to settle some scores over the wrong he would have experienced by others.

I truly believe that Schizophrenia is the result of a mismatch between the CORE SELF and the FALSE SELF. Meaning there is confusion between the Core Self and the False Self and vice versa. One who has the illness is unable to get a grip on his/her self which impacts his perception about reality (Psychosis).

Your comments please.

Actually Saurav1, Laing(famous psychiarist/anti psychiatry) says that what you describe as the CORE SELF is actually the problem for schizoids/schizophrenics, in that they believe themselves to be something hat others do not agree with. This CORE SELF must be hidden to be proteced from the evil world(so to speak). So actually, maybe you can agree with that you might be schizoid/phrenic?? have a nice day

you mean I have SZ?

or schizoid personality disorder, because of how you view your personality. Same for me. All the same

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Huh ?. Based on how i view my personality?. Being Loving,Kind, compassionate makes you Schizoid?

No. The Core Self, should be more how others view you, not only how YOU view yourself.

world is Evil (that I agree).

Where is the research that backs this up - or is this a theory you developed by yourself?

Have there been clinical tests on this theory?

So - you disregard all the current scientific research in favor of this theory (which I’ve never heard of before) because - why exactly? Other than that it appeals to you and means that you then can justify not getting any modern treatments.

For example - these brain imaging studies:

Gray Matter Loss in Brain Due to Psychotic Episodes / Schizophrenia, Not From Medications

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Check out this person’t story:

CORE SELF would NEVER change no matter how others perceive you.

That is what I CALL SANE.

If you are changing your Core Self to suit others = RESULT IS Schizophrenia.

Which is the CAUSE of Schizophrenia as I explained.



Why the hell do you want me to be on Meds . I have 3 Pschiatrists confirmed me as NOT HAVING SZ.

How much money do you make man?. Dont you get tired labelling folks?.

Get a life

This is what happens when a sex addict like Osho teaches people. Gives them permission to be rude for no reason.

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You seem to be having very frequent and serious delusions around being injected with drugs - you’re posting about these on what seems to be a weekly basis. Clearly you are delusional much of the time.

I don’t care about labels - I care about you getting some treatment and getting rid of your delusions.

The point is you are not getting any treatment that seems to be helping with these delusions.

Perhaps its time to try something else.

OF COURSE uve NEVER heard.

There is plenty of research on this.

Google ---- SELF and Schizophrenia. you will get tons of scientific data including from Nature magazine.

I am still looking for a RESEARCH where Meds have improved peoples lives :slight_smile: Which they havent.


So like I SAID (I wont stop you )… Keep peddling :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Methinks thou dost protest too much.


Please stop attacking and insulting people trying to help you. @SzAdmin has broad shoulders and can take a lot of abuse, but he shouldn’t have to.


would have taken the Meds if they really helped me. So thank you for your advice.

When I was off my meds I would say things like this. I thought I came to great insight. The ego the self reality delusion, etc… I told my doctor all this and he said I needed to be on meds. He called it “psychological mumbo jumbo”. Then guess what…I took meds and I stopped worrying about this stuff. I simply live my life now. And stop driving myself crazy with this ■■■■. Dammit I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with you suarev… May I ask you why you are here in the first place if you don’t believe you are sz? Something must have brought you here.


Ive read your recent posts.

I am reading the type of “Life” you are living. (ON MEDS). I feel for you.

Compared to that, i live a more profoundly greater life (WITHOUT MEDS)

Take care.

I think it’s pretty common with people in psychosis to believe they have the answers.

I think saurav wants to talk about this stuff so that he feels less alone.

When we try and show our worries about him, he gets defensive and aggressive towards us.

Sooo, let him be. It’s sad but in the end it’s his choice to make.