Self-made hamburger vs. restaurant burgers

Came back to write a little earlier than I earlier communicated.

Something about hamburger prices - if you make a hamburger by yourself it costs as follows.

hamburger bread - 20 cents
ground beef - 20 cents
cheese - 20 cents
egg - 10 cents
mustard, ketchup - 5 cents
some margarine for cooking - 5 cents

So the total cost of one hamburger is just 80 cents, 0.8 euros or 1.05 US dollars, if you make your own hamburger.

So if they price a hamburger at 3-4 euros, this is so more than it costs when a hamburger is self-made.

Well of course. When you eat at a restaurant you are paying not only for the food but for the service and ambiance too. I can buy a tri tip roast for $8.00 on sale from the market… I can eat off it for four or five days but at a restaurant one slice of my roast would cost me $9.00 or $10.00. Drinks like coke are marked up something like 80% by restaurants. In other words a glass of soda will cost the restaurant 20 cents, but they will charge customers $1.50. Soda is actually one of the highest marked up items on the menu.

Your own time and effort vs. a little more money.

That’s why I go to no restaurants, these are too expensive. Here is a photo of my hamburger. It takes just three minutes to make it.


I haven’t eaten beef in years. I go for chicken, and fish and turkey. This is salmon burger country. Also, the veggie burgers taste really good to me. I like the Bocca ones.

I love burgers, but beef is not really so good for you. I sometimes get take out, but I haven’t eaten in a restaurant in years - I really love frankfurters (hot dogs)

Mmm…that looks good, although I rarely eat red meat any more.

however there is another factor when making your own… Restaraunt burgers are notoriously high fat and calories - not really good for you at all…

My homemade are healthy. (I DO make turkey burgers maybe once a week, same way as beef burgers.)

When I cook burgers I try and get the leanest ground beef. I chop fresh garlic and mix it in along with other spices. I have even made 'salmon burgers" that is half beef and half salmon…
When I fry the burger I press it down with the spatula and drain all the grease which is most of the fat…or I have broiled burgers on a rack in the oven and the grease drips out into the lower pan…
Restaurant burgers are just cooked in their own grease and some is high fat content beef…

Wow, could I open a Healthy Burger fast food chain? LOL

I always preferred homemade to fast foods, there are some lovely recipes out there for veggie burgers, which is the only burgers I would eat ( I am 95% vegetarian). I also like the veggie burgers I bought at the shop, you just heat it up in a microwave and put it between a bun. Another delicious option would be to make burgers out of soya mince, but I’ve never tried it as I am not big on burgers.

I went to a picnic with a Seventh Day Advent church back in 1998, they served those and they were really good.

Do you make your burger with egg? When I went to West Africa that’s how they served their burgers. It was pretty good I was surprised. I prefer burgers in restaurants as opposed to making them at home even if it costs more.

I liked the hamburgers my father used to grill. Regular ground beef - tender. Crusted with lots of burnt meat - carcinogens. And probably a touch of mineral spirits cooked in from lighting the coals. Big slice of home grown tomato. Big slab of onion + the rest.

I went to this fast food restaurant called ‘Greek Chicken’ and got a burger (of all the things to order at a place called Greek Chicken, right?) My burger cost $11 and was burnt and tasted bad. It had probably the same amount of meat and bread and stuff as 2 Mc Donalds dollar bburgers. I wouldn’t have even ordered it if I had known the price before hand (they didn’t have the price on the drive thru menu sign).

That place is now on the Virge of closing because NOBODY eats there anymore. This is capitalism in action and is why the things we buy cost what they should cost and go out of business if they don’t. It’s a balancing act between what it costs to make, what ppl will pay and what your competitors are charging. Unless monopolies form and take over…

Another interesting thing is that Jack in the Box (and other fast food chains) will charge you that $1.50 for your soda that cost them 20¢, and only give you half of what you think your getting. Their large sodas come in like a 32oz cup, but is mostly ice. I once poured my ‘large’ soda into a plastic solo cup and it didn’t even fill the cup which is 12-16 oz in capacity. There’s nothing wrong with a little markup, it is a business; but using deception is screwed up.

I hate some…or most of the business ethics at the core of the companies we are supposed to trust.

And remember, always order your soda with “lite ice”.

I ordered a jalapeno cheeseburger at Burger King. :hamburger: :crown:
Was the size of a quarter. :moneybag:

They add sand to hamburger to keep it from clumping.

Yes, I use eggs in my hamburgers too. I did not know that in West Africa people do this.

I have some funny stories. Back in 2000-2002 when I lived in my auto in Miami, I often went to Burger King in Miami Beach and spent many hours in evenings there to write my notebook entries and drink coffee, because one could drink coffee as much as one wanted. Once a couple of black teenagers came and talked to me and said I was ‘a home boy’. They did not know that I lived outdoors in my auto that was parked nearby.

Once my auto broke down on the northern campus of Florida International University. I had planned to stay in my auto, but then one campus police came and told I was not able to stay there over night. So I had to leave the auto, but before I did this the campus police man gave me 20 dollars, which was very nice. I did spend my night in northern Miami by sleeping under a palm tree with my black cat. There was one wrecked auto next to this palm tree and during the night strange noises started coming from this auto wreck. Suddenly one black man came from this auto. I suppose he slept in that auto wreck and was disturbed by my stay under this palm tree. In the next morning I went to my auto with my black cat Minx and surprisingly the auto started and I drove it to a car repair place. They did not find anything wrong with my auto. This was in August 2001.

Hi, mjseu.Yes, that’s a good story but I bet it sucked when it was all happening. Because I have stories that sound like little adventures. Like when I was being robbed and someone busted a wine bottle over my head from behind. It makes a good story but of course no one would want that to happen to them. I understand that you’ve “been around”. I think our stories are funner to talk about than to actually experience. This is just a comment that crossed my mind.Yeah, I think the egg on hamburger sounds interesting, I’ll have to try it. Good luck.

Eggs are good and healthy. Once in North Miami Beach I met an old Jewish man in his 80s. He was originally from Poland and spoke Yiddish. He had fought as a partisan in the mountains and forests of Poland against the NAZIs and Adolf Hitler. He told me that he had had always two eggs a day during his fight in the 2nd World War. He had stayed alive and shared his stories with me. It was the 4th of July 2001. After this discussion with him I also started including eggs in my automobile diet.

Hmmmm, the Jewish man sounds like an interesting fellow. How did you cook your eggs in a car?

Yes, I had my gas stove.

One problem in Miami is heat when one lives in an auto and makes food by himself, because food gets spoiled quite fast. I went to the point that I never went to any restaurants, not even to drink coffee, but I cooked all by myself with my gas stove. Sometimes I found myself in the middle of night on one parking lot cooking coffee and scrambled eggs before continuing my journey to Miami Beach. Often on Sundays I visited the ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami and they gave some bread, but this bread spoiled so fast in heat so that I found myself feeding birds, seagulls and other birds, at the port of Miami with this bread. It was an adventure.