Self image

I think self image is more important than actual image. I used to be a pretty boy, groomed to perfection and worked out a lot…but I was terribly insecure. Now I look in the mirror and I don’t work out at all, am a little overweight, hairy and rugged looking. Yet I think I look fine now. How I’ve turned around my self image is a miracle. I went from thinking my looks was the #1 most important thing, with no confidence, to now putting very little self care into my looks and having 10x more confidence.

Of course the social factors make it tougher on women but this is what I’ve experienced.

How’s your self image?


It’s not that good, I used to be way more confident, now I’m slowly starting to go back to that, but the meds let me put a little weight. Not very much though, it may be just me that freaks out about it.

Like the babbling brook of insights…lol…i just dont care. How others perceive anyway…a clever fox is a clever fox wether they see it or not…

I mostly put a tons of make up so that’s saying a lot. Pressure of perfection… Nah, not that good self image at all.

age has given me the Idk attitude. Like you @turningthepage when I was young I was the image I thought everyone wanted but was insecure. With age, I just became me and have more confidence even though I am now overweight and not much on appearance anymore. Hell I can go a couple days without a shower and in the same clothes and it doesn’t bother me where before that would drive me insane.

What are you gonna do to fix your self image? If it means anything, I find you to be beautiful just the way you are :heart_eyes: makeup or no makeup

It’s easy for us guys as we get older but I think it was a combination of meds getting rid of obsessive thoughts, and my philosophies assuring me I’m worth something. I consider everybody to be “worth it” these days. I don’t look down on people, so how can I look down on myself?

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I don’t think I have a very good self image. I’m not very confident about myself or my looks. I have the looks (face and body) of a troll doll, remember those? That’s me all over.

I’m going to the hairdresser on Saturday though so maybe it will improve slightly after that appointment!

I think I’ve seen a pic of you once? And you are a pretty woman!

But I don’t need to tell you that! Mr. Turtle probably says it enough for you to know its true! Cmon turtle!!?!?

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I liked this bit, it made me laugh! All those exclamation points and question marks. :blush:

Mr Turtle does argue that I don’t look like a troll doll!


I think we all never really know what we look like for real. I mean really I know I don’t, never have. That is the problem with self image we are seeing not with our eyes but what we feel. I never see what I really look like and I am always trying to find a picture of someone who looks like me or something so I can visualize Me. If that makes sense.

What I think I look like:

my icon pic here is me five years ago.

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