Self confidence .........?

How do you rate yours?

High or low…?

000 :gem:



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I have a lot of confidence.

I think it comes from years of affirmations.

High. If you really look at the characters around you, why not?

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Mine is very low. I feel like I do everything wrong

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Depends. I switch between being a beastly god among men to being less than worthless

Its a cycle. Maybe I am bipolar haha but def not trying lithium. Not worth getting hypothyroidism

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Pretty sure I’m bipolar.

But lithium was like a sugar pill to me

Or 6….that’s how many I was taking per day

Aka 900 mg.

But it gave me hypothyroidism temporary.

You know that cuz I told u

But yeah mood stabilizers weren’t my thing.

However I’m pretty sure bipolar is what I’d be diagnosed with now.

Or “sza but responds very well to medication”

Antipsychotics are for the win.

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Yeah man I know. Everyone on the forum said so on my lithium thread too and that was enough anecdotal evidence for me lol

APs do the job well but lately been hearing bad voices again so Im not too stoked on it atm

Might as well try a mood stabilizer. Or naltrexone

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I’d say mine is in the middle. I feel attractive and desirable because I’m a 20-something female with a healthy weight and decent body appearance. However, I have horrible acne, even though I’m almost 30 years old. My acne was very mild as a teen and young adult. Around age 25, my face turned into a pepperoni pizza. I cleanse my face daily, I use acne medications, but my face is permanently scarred and somewhat bumpy… I am very sad about it.

BUT, I try to love myself. My husband always tells me I’m beautiful. Occasionally, random strangers (male, female, other) will just randomly flirt or hit on me. That boosts my confidence. So, if my husband and random strangers think I’m pretty, I must be, right? I just gotta internalize that idea: I AM BEAUTIFUL. :smiley:

Sometimes, I struggle with my self-confidence, but I try my best to be “positive” and just love myself. Everybody has flaws, right? Just gotta love the whole package.

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Sometimes mine is high and sometimes not

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My confidence is not amazing. I don’t really have much confidence at the moment.

It comes and goes. I get streaks where if I have good self dicipline and make the most of my life, or that is, if I don’t make too many mistakes, my confidence goes up. But I must admit it has been rock bottom in periods.

N e Hoo. . .

Self Confidence Is Something With No Real Purpose.

Live In The Moment. Drop Comparisons. Drop Societal Hierarchy. Drop The Games.

And Live The Life YOU Want To Live.

If You’re Alone And Need A Friend. Discover Yourself First. The Rest Will Follow.

If Around A Negative Social Environment. Once Again, Discover Yourself And Weigh Your Options.

Life Can Be A Puzzle, A Riddle, A Maze. Confusing At Times. And Or Perfectly Beautiful.

The Solution Is Simplistic. Love Yourself First. And Wander In Your Dreams. For Purpose.

For True Reasoning.

Awake, Cleanse, Think For Yourself, And Question The Bird’s & Bee’s.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:

I guess it can differ in many moments of the journey of time

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my mood can change like the weather

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best post and info here by far @ATARI brillant

Hmm?. . .

Hardly Brilliant.

That Small Tidbit Of Information Should Be Taught In School.

All Of The Young Could Use That As A Tool To Thoroughly Enjoy Their Important Youth.

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we are all teachers and we all learn from each other

Hmm?. . .

The Criminal System Would Disagree With You If They Could.

it is more complicated your right