Review of my lithium

So its been 2 weeks that I am on it. Tbh, I still feel reckless. I cant think well because of the illness, but I guess this is a hard thing to heal.
Per moments I also feel insensible on the lithium, but its only by moments, idk what I should think on this. I feel a bit more calm and I find myself talking a bit more. Sometimes I am even a bit more ragy but maybe its a normal process when you get out of deep depression? at least, I want to hope so…
I am not sure that this lithium will help but lets see, yes.
Who here benefited a lot from it?
see ya


You’ve been on depakote in the past?

I am still on it jon. But it never helped my depression at all…

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Are u on two mood stabilizer…anna1…

Sorry to hear I’m thinking about starting it today… I was on lithium in 2011-2010 it didn’t do all that much. I wanna stop the mania which leads to the depression. Do you have mania?

I was on lithium and got very sick from it. I had lithium toxicity and was sick for awhile even after they stopped the lithium. When I got sick I had a heart problem from it. they even thought it was a heart attack at first because it messed with the enzymes or something. I think I had problems from getting dehydrated and that’s a problem when you take lithium. So drink plenty of water and also steer clear of hot baths, no bath salts and no alcoholic drinks either. Make sure you’re getting your regular blood testing. For me the first signs of toxicity was joint pain and I ignored it because it didn’t seem like a serious side effect. Please take care.

Ok, leaf, ill see where it will lead me. It calmed me down a bit already which is cool. I have many fears in my illness which I couldn’t stand anymore, it was hell…
@Jonnybegood, I am not sure I have mania but my last doc said I have some manic smile wow… But I have lots of negatives and depression… Pff, its tough. Idk if Ill recover on some proper thinking one day, whats your opinion? Is it hard to recover on the thinking? I feel dumb, idk why… Sometimes the information is too overwhelming for me even though that I have good concentration.
My mom even is quite decided to get me out now from my obsessive thinking on the illness(I talk about the illness very often people) and often talks me about politics. I say her sometimes that I am tired of listening to her, she gets mad because of this… that’s all. is it so bad? :confused: