Self confidence .........?

Hmm. . .

Perhaps The Law, Enforcing Respect For Civilization In Individuals Making Their Own Rules.

Would Say That If One Wants To Teach.

There Is A Better, More Inspiring, Helpful, Hopeful Way.

the way one is bread plays a vital role too, as in there up bringing

Hmm. . .

The Justice System Doesn’t Care About Who Blames Who.

It Is In The Reasons For Their Actions.

And The Actions In And Of Itself.

If You Elect Yourself As The Judge, Jury, And Executioner, You Need Solid Reasons.

As they say don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time (as in time in jail)

Hmm. . .

That Sad Quote Should Be Enough.

But!, As That ‘Tears For Fears’ Song Goes:::~ ‘Everyone Wants To Rule The World’.

It better not 2 break the law but I can understand too

Hmm?. . .

Are You Saying That You Understand Why People Do Crimes And Break Solid Laws?.

Yes I can understand why people who do crimes and break the law

I am street wise big time

Hmm. . .

Sounds Like Trouble To Me.

Is That Something To Be Proud Of?.

Does That Make You Feel Heroic?.

Don’t get me wrong…!

I don’t break the law…!!

I am a law biden citzen

I have noting 2 prove to anyone

I am a overall good person


When im in a adventure park climbing in trees and having fun i am.

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