Self Care Diagram

Is there anything you’d like to add?


My personal diagram would definitely include routines and responsibilities. My routines are crucial to my well-being. Maybe different notions are important to different people in different phases of life. My main concern is inactivity, passivity, lack of motivation, etc. Taking up responsibilities helps me to overcome them, and to maintain routines. Responsibility here can be as small a thing as agreeing to meet with someone. Others relying on me, expecting things from me - that is of great help to keep me going and get things done. Which in turn makes me happy. I may add that my episodes seem to be triggered by a lack of things, not so much by excesses. My doctor calls this negative stress, negative as in the absence of things. Others may be triggered by positive stress that may come with responsibilities.

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hygiene :sunglasses:

stay clean :v:

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@Minnii have u wrote urself…
good though…

No. I found it on a mental health page on facebook

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ah the fizzle bizzle :sunglasses:

:expressionless: I’m bored…

intense exercise and limiting fats, sugar, etc…

coffee and tea

the chance to pet a dog or cat