Does "responsiblity" cause you a temper tantrum?


It’s a heavy word for anybody but I think we szs reached a breaking point somewhere and it’s very hard to get back to being elastic to the idea of taking on responsibilities. Scary, too. And it’s not wise to try too much when we are scared. I’d say don’t be suspicious when your mind wants to investigate the idea of a negative development because that is only being prepared. It is not being morbid.


to beautiful chordy,
for me i try not to have to much responsibilty , it does get to me , i don’t like the extra pressure !
take care


I have a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes I’m really proud that I’ve got some other times I just want to get rid of it.


I may be the odd one out, but lack of responsibility causes me much more anguish.
No matter my state of mind, I’m at all times responsible to keep myself and others from any harm that might result from my lack of control.
Having the same responsibilities to keep myself, my kitties, my husband and my home environment clean and healthy from a sensible routine makes life just plain easier.


i don’t have the luxury of choice as i have kids and animals that depend on me. what would i do without it? dunno. i kind of like the structure it brings to my life. without it, god knows what i’d b like!


Yes. I had so little of it when I was a kid.