Burdensome Tasks

How common is it to perceive routine necessities like eating and sleeping (and socialization) to be tedious? To resent the time/energy meeting these needs demands?

I don’t know if its common but I have those. I don’t enjoy dinner time around the table.

I think everybody mostly has trouble socialising. But for me eating and sleeping are about the only things that aren’t tedious. For now at least!

I find doing the necessities forfilling. I mean I am not good at doing much else but managing the basics is a start?

You sound depressed. Like the others here, I enjoy doing routine tasks. They are the only things I have to do each day.

I sound depressed? Could you elaborate?

Showering, shaving, cooking, washing dishes. laundry, vacuuming are often burdensome for me, but I like eating and sleeping. Socialization is not tedious for me, but aggravating.

In your post you sound depressed. You use the words"tedious’ and “resent” to describe your attitude toward the simplest, easiest things. Maybe you would like something more significant and meaningful to do?
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I see. It seems you have inferred I was saying I feel this way - my attitude, the word you chose - rather than asking a general question, inspired by things others have said to me and things I have read in here and in similar fora.

I shall clarify: I am asking a general question, and had hoped to avoid skewing anyone’s answers by seeming to seek a specific type of response. Concern for my emotional state is appreciated but unnecessary at this time.

(Also, to not leave the other question unaddressed, I would consider self-care and similar activities to be significant and meaningful. Perhaps I impart too much importance in little things, but it seems overall life is made up of little things.)

I’m definitely fine with eating. Socialization comes easy but is stressful if it involves people I do not know. Internet socialization is basically stress-free now, but that is a learned adaptation from years of posting & thousands of posts across various websites. I’ve been in heated debates & arguments quite often and now I’m pretty good at avoiding that.

My worst problem seems to be trying to tune out into sleep, or when I am awake it’s really difficult mustering up the physical drive to do hobbies. I basically forfeited all my hobbies as a sacrifice to God, for I was a Christian that wanted to be like Christ - giving up talents for a greater good.

I forfeited guitar, drums, composing, video games, TV, and bodybuilding. All I have now are several zen walks & naps in a month. I’m trying to get back into listening to music because to be candid… silence is often brain-stress inducing. Things can often be “too quiet”. But hopefully that’ll change too as I age.