Therapy techniques for motivation

I feel having motivation is so important. It might make all the difference in your life. I do many things to motivate me. I bought nice hygiene products and room aromatics to enjoy staying clean. I go to the mall to look at clothes when I want to loose weight. I did 2 months of day treatment. After it ended I tried to maintain my progress by starting a points project to develop better life habits. I give myself points for waking up early, studying, exercising, as well as finishing administrative tasks or errands, doing leisure activities like movies and downloading new music. It is not working and everyday I feel like I’m back to square one and my brain has difficulty relaxing after a busy day. Largely I am getting a lot done. But I’m not sure I’m breaking my bad habits for good. To do lists are not for me. I like having flexibility. Do you do any techniques or routines to better your life and stay motivated?


I don’t have any to-do lists apart from the shopping lists me and my friend do before I go out. My motivation to get things done is necessity. On top of certain things I do because i have to, I also do my best to make sure my girlfriend is happy, comfortable and safe.
I actually worry a lot about what might happen after she’s gone. Very afraid i might go back to old bad habits, like drinking too much and using drugs. And surrounding myself with others that have the same problems.


I like routines. They work for me and your onto the right track with things!

I have a couple of places to be with volunteering and I still play cricket every weekend for most times in Summer and Winter. I don’t work but I like my volunteering hours. It gives me structure and keeps me in the loop.

It’s not easy when you have nothing to do and your right that structure is important. I got a fitbit and best thing I’ve done for health other than give up smoking! It’s good to have daily goals and the desire to do them comes with that technology! I’d recommend one for people who can afford them and have nothing to do physically!

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