Seeing Things, Again

I see scary faces, nice faces, weird faces, shapes, colors, and unexplainable things when I close my eyes. It’s the worst when I’m trying to sleep.
I was singing for a youth church service, and I had my eyes closed a lot of the time, because I get nervous. Every time I did I would see things, so I had my stop and take a break. Even blinking too long and they would flash.
Sometimes at the corner of my eyes, when they’re open. It’s the worst when I’m tired or over-caffeinated.
Does anyone else have this or know what it means?

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Even normal people see thing out of the corners of their eyes when they are tired.

Have you got a psychiatrist you are speaking to about these things? You might be relapsing. I hope not though.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

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Yes, I know that. Just saying it’s worse when I’m tired.
I hope not…
And no I don’t have a psychiatrist. I just wanted to see what people on here have to say about it or know if is a concern.

ive been seeing closed eye stuff for most of my life. but more so since i was 23 im 28 now

faces , shapes, colors, flashing lights, then i usually end up flying in space zooming around stars or planets, sometimes i end up in hell some sort of volcanic center of the earth type of place.

other times its cartoons like sonic the hedgehog turning into supersonic repeated over and over , or sonic drowning like in the sega games.

other times its the ocean.

when im in an episode ive seen totally crazy stuff. (i come from a religious family, i am no longer religious though)

images of jesus zooming through the air at lightspeed twirling around into space and then boom 2 giant red snakes pop up to battle him and then all of a sudden a big lion is roaring from on top of a giant cloud and then the lion jumps down a big rainbow to come battle.

During this one ^ i had voices in the form of “God or the Father” telling me they wanted to show me these visions and that i could close my eyes and they would show me. something like that. some of the memories are a bit blurry but thats what i remember for the most part.

random stuff like that.

also when in episode Ive seen , spinning color tornados, dark clouds floating over me or other people. seeing rainbows over people, strange purple lights , etc… that stuff i dont see anymore thankfully.

I wake up to this a little and voices explain a memory or something I should know, sometimes with picture included for a second with when my eyes are shut.

Considering you are singing in a church, why don’t you pray for an explanation. I don’t follow orders from voices as I met the sex abuser group who was causing nervous breakdowns, so I don’t submit. Some people follow orders from voices to be okay, especially churchies. But sometimes you are asked to do something wrong or if you had any clue, you really are harming people even speaking up on someone. Some churches INSIST you follow orders from voices and threats/motivation follow. You may also not be able to leave the church or be harassed by even more people from the church, even to the point of leaving you unable to work. Just something to know about church culture, sometimes you can jut use ‘grace’ and not speak up but this is something the other parishioners around you will fill you in about as time passes. Pastor usually just covered up disputes and won’t discuss this, you are told to leave it alone or pressure is applied from multiple sources.

People may be staring at you in hostile way while you sing only because you are not smiling or making eye contact. Learned this after unhappy childhood with verbally abusive parents…People are more responsive if you just smile and shows through on your voices even on the phone, which I learned at a call center. Is also SO helpful to understand this will show you character of people who pass you as the friendlies make eye contact and maybe smile, the rest are the asses who look at the ground sometimes around a woman they don’t want. (Lots of men do not even take on plain looking female friends as it ruins his potential to pick up hotties when he is out in public with any woman, while out with the guys he can pick up anything…)

I don’t know your situation so I’m not being rude. Is just a good insight into men and religion, I guess.

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That sounds rather intense…
I’m glad you don’t have to live with that, anymore.

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I used to get a lot of closed eye hallucinations too. Really scary things like monsters and zombie type creatures. Sometimes colours. Sometimes I would see family members being killed.

They seem to have gone away a great deal in the past six months. I think I might be recovering from my last psychosis though.

I hope these don’t last for you. It can make getting to sleep near impossible which would just be making everything else worse for you as well.

Take care and try to get some rest when you can.

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I’m glad they’ve gone away. Hope you’re okay.
And yes, sleep is difficult, at the moment.

I’m doing a lot better than I was even a month ago I think. I was under a lot of stress back then and it started me on a relapse.

Are you under a lot of stress too?

Yes, I’m under more stress than I can handle. With such a severity that I am overwhelmed with temptation to drop my whole life and disappear, or just die.

I’ve been experiencing closed-eye hallucinations, along with tactile hallucinations for nearly a year now. So you’re not alone. It is apparently just one of the symptoms we experience, and can hopefully be corrected with the right treatment. In my case, I have tried Seroquel and Zyprexa, with NO luck. I’ve just started Prozasin, so we’ll see if that helps. It’s normally used for PTSD. My experiences are similar to some of those @anon31257746 described. Shapes, forms, space travel- I’ve even seen ships and vehicles in space- also underwater, on the ocean floor where I see fish of all sizes, and other, stranger creatures too. I often see, in a lot of detail, people walking away from me, or back & forth on top of me (For me, the only place any of this occurs is when I am in my bed–any time, day or night- nap time or bedtime).Sometimes it’s like I’m being moved around, down hallways, through doors, into rooms. And as I mentioned, there are tactile hallucinations that accompany these. I can feel some of these “phantom” people touching me, moving my feet and legs, touching my face and hair. The very strangest tactile hallucinations I experience feel like I am being sexually stimulated. It is quite euphoric and can last a lot longer that I normally would if actually having sex. In fact, I have to say it feels better than any sex I’ve ever had—and I’m not even moving or touching myself.

The kinda scary part to me is the strong temptation I have to conclude that, since this only happens when I’m in bed, then something might really be going on, and that this isn’t all in my head. It doesn’t really look “real.” It’s more like things might look if you opened your eyes underwater. But those tactile hallucinations–WOW. They feel SO real. Like someone is in my room touching me.

Didn’t mean to go on so long, but I’m glad there’s a forum where we can commiserate and offer support and encouragement to each other.

Just remember, my friend, you’re not alone, and it’s in your mind. It has to be, right? I mean, after all, we don’t see with our eyes closed.

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i feel same.but not serious.i live with it.