Closed Eye Visualizations

I wrote on here the other day about hearing sounds or voices while falling asleep. Does anyone have closed eye hallucinations? It’s usually random scenes, objects, sometimes people.

Yes. Sometimes I have closed eye visualizations. I see faces and sometimes this faces change and adopt a diferent appearance.

Is there a way to help get rid of them? It happens to me occasionally before falling asleep.

You should speak with your doctor about them. The term for what you’re describing is hypnagogic hallucination. More commonly known as night terrors. It is indicative of a possible sleep disorder or anxiety.


When I’m feeling more symptomatic I’ll get them at times. quick ever changing closed eye visuals. Objects, faces, scenes.

Makes it hard to sleep when they get scary.

I normally take a PRN, and do my best to stay in a safe space

I had plenty of those, and not just before falling asleep or waking up, but APs took them away. I sort of miss them.

What is the difference between hallucinations and dreams or imagination??? When I close my eyes at night right away I get pics in my head, images of shapes, two heads talking, a snake, piled up blocks…
Also get sometimes when I close my eyes duri g the day. Random stuff. But is that just my imagination? My eyes are closed so how could tell? Everyone sees things when they close their eyes.

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I’m with you @Artsygal

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I think it comes down to how they’re sensed. With imagination, it’s a picture I can control in my head, that is seen through the minds eye. Not solid and fully formed a picture inside my mind

With closed eye hallucination I see it through my real eyes. Outside your head but inside your closed eye field of vision. Like a picture overlapping inside the darkness. That I can’t control.


Then I think mine are closed eye visualization. It happens in my eyelid but when going to sleep usually.
Also when I see my regular hallucinations and close my eyes they are still there so now I know what you mean now. Ok thanks for the input. Visualizations aren’t scary so I don’t really care. Actually once it was bad I was in the hospital and I was scared of a guy in the ward and when I closed my eyes at night I kept seeing his face coming towards me. I have schizotypal and they have onand off hallucinations and AP haven’t taken care of it completely. I have a weird mind.

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Wishing you some Relief!

All good man. I don’t worry about it too bad. just about brain damage causing them. Thanks.

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