Closed eye visions

Ive had this recurring closed eye hallucinations of sonic the hedgehog doing various levels . becoming super sonic. getting all the emeralds and stuff.

ive had that vision for like 6 years

hadn’t seen it in a while, then just out of nowhwere today its just playing in my head . over and over. and hearing all the music from the game played repeatedly.

when my eyes are open i hear the music playing in my head, changing at random , when i close my eyes its all there visually as well.

it doesn’t bother me , its just odd

it will go away though.

thought i would share :smile:


I wish my visions were as cool as this.

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It seems as though even my closed eye visions have been subsiding. Now if only my negative symptoms can improve a bit

When I was unmedicated I would close my eyes and my mind made up cartoons, it was awesome. :smile:

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It’s awesome unless it’s for like 4 years straight :smile:

I was so used to it, I didn’t think it was connected to MI, I thought it was a quirck

Yeah I thought it was from God

That’s not cool… I’m glad it’s subsided

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