Seeing people repetitively?

I keep seeing this girl who is probably mid 20’s that no one else can see and she is also one of the voices inside my head along with a man. She follows me around almost everywhere i go and tries to talk to me but I ignore her. My doctor still wont diagnose me with schizophrenia. Am I crazy? Wait, dont answer that last part. lol

Even some doctors are scared of schizophrenia. They like to believe everyone is bi-polar. Then not only do you get anti-psychotics, but they can prescribe you mood stablizers and anti-depressants too. Woooooo. Wait forget I said that. But remember the first part. Doctors don’t fully understand schizophrenia, they like to believe everyone is bi-polar. Truth. Stigma even in the medical fields.

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Yes i have gotten the bipolar diagnosis… ugh.

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It’s frustrating they try to undermine our struggles by labeling us less severe than we really are. We like to believe that we’ve conquered Mars, because well, some of us literally have in our delusions :alien:, and when doctors and therapists try to tell us that we are less severe than we really are it frustrates us…I like to think of myself as a warrior or a soldier and I’ve fought this severe illness which is all true and I hate when a therapist says “Well abilify is only to help mood” in my group therapy…It also helped treat my voices, intrusive thoughts, delusions, paranoia, etc… I am SZ/SZA, not bi-polar pretty evidently to me. Maybe I haven’t made the best decisions but I had no choice because of the illness. The illness told me to make some of the bad decisions I’ve made. Doctors will never understand until they experience the illness themselves.


maybe your doctor is the crazy one :confused: haha

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Same! I have gotten into bad things, drug related mostly and the voices told me to. Not that is an excuse, but it certainly isn’t easy to ignore the people in your head. Don’t give me 5mg of Abilify and say it will help with the voices. The voices are getting louder.

Oh, and ive been to the moon once in a hallucinations :sweat_smile:

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What type of drugs? I used to smoke a lot of weed, do hallucinogens and alcohol. I think weed was the worst looking back, but the hallucinogens didn’t help either!

And alcohol isn’t as harmless for mental illness as they say but more benign than the psychedelics and stimulants.

Coke, Heroine, Ketamine, and Weed. Pretty bad stuff, not proud of it. :confused:

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Yeah those drugs will do it :baby:

Heroin is probably the worst of those drugs but the least likely to cause schizophrenia out of those drugs.

The heroin personality is typically different from the SZ personality IMO.

I’ve met lots of heroin addicts and they are the biggest warriors of all the types of addicts, but I don’t think opiates cause schizophrenia.

I tried heroin once, because my delusions told me to do it. But fortunately I didn’t like it.


Yeah ive never been addicted

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Opiates are often a way to self medicate for SZ patients, but it will hurt your prognosis in the long run

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I have two major characters, and multiple minor characters in my consciousness. My ability to hallucinate visually has died down considerably over the years, but I get pretty close to full-blown psychosis when nearing sleep states.

To be real, though, since when has bi-polar equated to hallucinating? I thought bi-polar was just a confusing mix of highs & lows of emotion & energy; nothing to do with hallucinations.

Maybe you’re lucking out, though. Antipsychotics are dangerous prescription drugs and you could be dodging a bullet by keeping the lesser diagnosis.

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BP1 in particular can feature hallucinations and delusions.

Better to get properly diagnosed…i know wellbutrin was the main culprit of my first psychotic episode…well main culprit, I’m not sure. But it was the straw that broke the camels back and put me into a severe episode.

Anti-depressants aren’t good for SZ’s unless in combination with an anti-psychotic.

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Im on wellbutrin also, maybe I will bring that up to my doctor.

Yeah bring it up to your dope dealer baby…thats what you do.

Since when did this place become a f***king junky haven?

This is a serious illness that requires serious medication. I don’t know what you think we’re trying to do. You think I want to take meds? Think again.

L.a. California is a crazy place with lots of crazy people, drugs, overcrowded, and skidrow is a pretty terrible place. Never had to stay on the streets in L.A. really but I have walked through skidrow.

I saw the movie…which ones are you guys/gals?

What movie are you referring to?