Seeing/feeling energies

Before I had schizophrenia, I used to be very sensitive to energies. I could see/feel energy everywhere. For example, when I went to a new city, its “vibe” or energy would be very pronounced. (Los Angeles had a red/blue aura.)

Now that I’m diagnosed, I no longer see/feel energies. The world is a lot duller.

Anyone else have this experience?

cool, sounds interesting…

i think i can pick up on moods of people, with in 5 seconds. i kind of feel there mood

Wouldn’t l.a. be black though?

It’s as black as they come.

Before my illness took a turn for the worse I could feel this spiritual type of energy coming from things and places. It was extremely intense and it made me euphoric. This went on for about 2 years and then things got really bad. It was nice while it lasted. Now, I feel like I am effected by other people’s emotions and intentions, I have a thing about vibes.

I used to feel energies while doing yoga or exercising but not longer after meds and recovery.

Before i became ill, i could kind of read mind while talking with someone. I knew exactly why the person asks me questions what his trying to find out and how i am going to play with his thoughts, now with this med its impossible without med i become delusional persecutory. God gave me a lot of talents but i didn’t value God, now i do but its too late.

I guess I was always over-sensitive to emotions/energies in people and a special sensitiveness with objects others have held. That’s why it’s easy to find things that mean a lot to people that they’ve misplaced.

I’ve gotten sick from bad energy. I also practice spiritual protection.