The energies of places

Do you feel that different places have different energies? For example, when you are in a city like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Austin, do you feel that it has a distinct energy, and that each city has its own feeling, vibe, or energy? Is the energy so strong that you yourself feel different depending on what city you are in? What is it like for you?

Or do you feel different energies coming from places like the hospital, the bookstore, or the airport?

I used to feel the distinct energies of places very strongly, but since I took ill, this kind of sensation has been drastically reduced.

Has schizophrenia impacted your ability to feel energies?

When You Say “energies” Do You Mean Tha Atmospheric Oceanic Wave Of Such (???)

and With “ability” , Do You mean Our Connection From One Subconsience To Thee Other (???)

Yes, but I wouldn’t call it energy. I would call it emotion and atmosphere.

Has schizophrenia affected your ability to feel emotion/atmosphere?

I live in a city with no culture, full of thugs and criminals, and partly ghetto. There is no energy. It’s no where like Portland, Berkeley, Seattle, NYC, or SF. I think my city causes me depression and worsens my symptoms. I would do much better if I lived in a liberal city, full of culture. I would also get better services.

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Haven’t thought it about it much – Probably. I feel numb. I don’t experience much pleasure anymore.

YES …Places do have an immense effect on me.

Hmm ,

I Have Found That Body Language Can Rip A Truthful Individual To Shreds … ,

There Are Some Who Go Deep Down In That Well To Appear “intelligent” With A “supremacy” Over Casual Humble Listeners … ,

You Don’t “feel” Or “feel” Atmosphere … ,

Altho Some Wish To “feel” Something ANYTHING , Because As One Is Thrusted Into A Pit Of Lies , Tha Controller Of Tha Body Language and “supreme” Words Has Found and WIll Continue To Fynde , Ways To Damage Innocence… ,

and Remember ,

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You Didn’t Go Anywhere … ,

Jus Watched A Terrible Movie …

When I was at school, there was a Pizza Hut that I couldn’t stand to be in. I don’t know why; I love pizza and like Pizza Hut pizza just fine. I was like a dog at the vet’s office, whimpering and pulling at the leash. Whenever my friends wanted to go there, I’d have to meet up with them afterwards. Weirdest thing.

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[quote=“bystander10, post:1, topic:32917, full:true”]Has schizophrenia impacted your ability to feel energies?
[/quote]Absolutely. I hope to turn my town into a thriving energy pool, but unfortunately there is too much racket and I am just one man. The best I can do is try and turn my immediate home into a blissful place and perhaps several areas alongside a beach and near a park.

I’m still experimenting with theories like this, developing auras & things of that nature.


Before I go hospitalized I was into this. I would try to search for places that gave me a good vibe, and that where similar to other nice places with nice things or people. I think its okay to look into this kind of phenomenon, but there is a real danger in taking it too far. If you become too “zoned out” and focused on your inner world, others may notice for better or worse.

I once had this almost magical experience,

I was leaving Bangkok after a year in Asia. I was thinking to myself, as I watched the sunset on the way to the airport, if I would ever return. It was my home. That was some vibe.

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How has it impacted your ability exactly? Has it diminished it or increased it, and by how much?

every room, environment has an energy. It’s weird but I’ve been feeling the same way.

Like a residual haunting?

I think it’s where regional accents come from
But I could be way off

I can’t say yet. I still have to competely detox from Abilify. My physical capabilities have been completely diminished since using medicine as a way to patch symptoms. I can only use last Summer as a comparison, and last Summer (2014) I was far more active than this Summer.

I’ll continue testing hypotheses when I feel better physically.

Thanks for the response!

Just to clarify if you don’t mind: right now, can you sense energies more or less than before you took ill, and how great is the difference?

Prior to SZ I had no theories of “energy”. But I would likely call them “auras” instead.

I used to sense the energies of places. But now on meds I don’t. I’ve become a bit numb to things like that now.