Feeling an energy in your body

I was wondering if anybody else has a similar experience to me

When I started Antipsychotics I felt a strange energy in the middle of my forehead exactly where the third eye is located - it was really discomforting

It seems to have disappeared now, but I still feel a negative type energy in my body. It feels like it weighs me down and gives me a bad mood. It has a static like type of quality to it

Interested to hear similar experiences or any ideas as to what this may be ?


That’s a new one to me. I have experienced a negative energy though.

Tell me more about the negative energy you experienced ?

I experience mind control.

A foreign energy in my body that is putting thoughts into my head. It was controlling me before.

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It seems the same people can either help you or hurt you. They could one minute act like an angel and another act like a demon.

Everything with energy is opposite. If the energy feels nice its dangerous and bad … if it feels bad you are very lucky.

I suggest concentrate on the energy and say… i am so happy i am feeling it and then absorb it.

I once had my body filled with scary energy…like buzzying …made me feel bad and scared cause i thought its never gonna stopp. But i regret that i didnt "embrace the bad feeling"and absorb… it would have saved me from bad stuff ahead.

As soon as you feel…im so thankful i feel this bad energy…it wount feel bad anymore.

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