Seeing faces

I used to see faces in the marble in my old apt bathroom. Now I just found a face in the wood floor by my bed. I think the greater the psychosis the more faces I see.

Anyone else see faces in things?


I see faces in a lot of weird things. Trees, wall tapestries, carpets, wood floors and walls mostly. It was one of the first symptoms I noticed when I thought ‘maybe something’s wrong here’

I’m prone to noticing happy faces in patterns when I’m feeling okay, and sad or angry faces when I’m not.

When I was unwell I thought this was one way that God communicated with me, letting me see happy faces when I did good, and sad/angry faces when I displeased Him.

I did that less as I recovered.


I love seeing faces in things. I can fixate on them for a long time taking in every nuance. I’ve done that since I was a young child. Just like making song rhythms out of noises. I love that kind of stuff

The human brain has evolved in finding patterns in things. I often try to find patterns in carpet…walls…anything that has different shade or colour. I don’t think it’s an unusual thing but you might be focusing a lot of it. Sz will do that to you!


I see faces in a lot of things, been made to feel like an idiot for seeing them too, but for the most part it was good.
Digital cameras have proven the odd things to be at least real, not a real person but a real thing.

I only saw the face on the moon.

yeah I’ve seen them in wood grains, clouds and such I think everyone does that.

I just searched this. I’ve been getting this more often, anyone else can relate? I just ate a potato pancake and saw a lady with short hair, all facial features and wearing a scarf.

I used to see faces in the sky and walls when I was full blown psychotic.
And hypnogoggic hallucinations when waking up, a face coming out of the window shelf.

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I’m not full blown psychotic. But I saw like 4 different faces today

Have you been under more stress

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No, just clear minded.

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Hopefully it’s OK if it’s just a one off. Well I mean just today

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No it’s been happening for a while now. But the past two days it’s more vivid. What can it lead to?

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Idk tbh.
It could get worse or it could remain same or reduce with time…
Have you told ur pdoc this

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No because I ignore it sometimes. When I’m actually more aware of my surroundings it happens. Defunk, ha

If I see faces they’re internal hallucinations like thinking pictures in your mind. I never see them on physical objects or inhabiting physical space.

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I personally would tell my pdoc cos he doesn’t force me on any more meds or dosage change unless I’m a danger.or if I agree to it
Just to keep them in the loop. But that’s just me.
Is this the only type of hallucinations u have whether visual auditory etc.

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