I can see the faces

I guess i can do that now. If i focus i can see them.

There in the trees at night, they are the trees, and the light and shadow.

It used to just happen but last night i tried to see them and there they were. I wish others knew what i was saying but you can’t say it to them.

It’s in your minds, you can see them to. Someone put those there. The tree, shadow, and light forms very detailed faces at night. Maybe they could see them to if they tried.

Sometimes they are the clouds as well. The clouds, shadow, and light. A gigantic face staring down at me as i tremble and suffer to the store on foot, just trembling and suffering.

They are there during the day too, just look for the unnatural looking shaking that don’t corespond to the wind…unless practice makes perfect.

How about the shadows from outside looking like faces twisting and turning as they glide up the twirling, swirling column of smoke?

Always on time at the 4 o’clock witching hour:

*Dogs suddenly start barking/howling for many blocks, then stop at 4:01 exactly.

*Reflections in the glass on pictures, bookcases, windows reveal sad/angry faces living behind it.

*Water cooler comes alive slowly at first, chanting grows louder, until furious and chaotic diablo’s song.

*Dark turns bright, light turns dim, evil hangs waiting, observing.

*Something “man size” flies up to the corner of the window outside, and starts pulling at the curtains inside to open them. Enough for me-I ran outta there so fast.

Pareidolia. 151515151515

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Yes me too, I see faces in everything. I also see them when I close my eyes. Scared the crap out of me as a little kid but I’m pretty used to it now.

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