Just your honest opinion. on what you see

take a look at this video at 1:10 to 1:18

what do you notice?

ps: dont look it up on youtube, just your unbiased opinion.
maybe i see, and others see things other others dont see.

personally nothing, you are probably thinking you see an alien, but looks something like decoration on the outside of the door…!.
take care

thanks, yes i either thought i seen an alien or an vase.
much thanks on your honest and fresh view on the matter.

its funny how the mind works, we see face shapes patterns
in a lot like clouds.

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What the heck? It looks like some kind of rotten face demon chick. Pretty freaky.

well i wouldn’t say rotten.
its different in atonemy, but yes i also made a face shape out of it.
thank you for your response
at lease i know i am not the only who saw this

made a screen dump


I see faces in the wood in the wall in the furniture all over the place sometimes I recognize them sometimes I don’t I think they are spirits looking at me and letting me know they are there and that I am not alone. They don’t see to be scary. I see the in trees. Could it be that its just an illusion

yes thats the one Pareidolia,
yet this one example i now exhibit, is very detailed.
almost more than the normal Pareidolia effect.

Ok, but what if others see it too? At what point can it be considered real?
When I was “psychotic” (by others definition, I saw many things that looked like real beings, they walked and talked and yes, posed for pictures. There were faces in everything, the texture on the wall, the shower curtain (that actually spoke something funny to me), the pile of laundry on the couch-clean of course, especially neat were the shadow faces twirling around in the column of twisty, smoky looking shadows on the living room wall from the trees and shrubs outside the house.
Glass on the framed pictures hanging on the walls revealed hidden spaces in the walls behind them with faces staring out at me…and we wont even go into the 4AM witching hour…
I took a lot of pictures and video at the time just because I wanted to see if I saw the same thing when not psychotic. Cut to 8 years later, and as I look through all those pictures, I still see the same images.
I say they weren’t my psychosis, but actual live beings.

that could be,
have you shown the photos and videos too others? and what did they see in them?

also i have seen many of those wispy white smoke concentrations confined about 2 by 1,5 meters,
yet in the outside.
It wasn’t fog

Yes, shown to others. Yes, they saw the same things. Yes, some of the photos went missing-naturally. Gone, but not forever.
One not very religious guy saw the virgin of Guadalupe in one of the pictures taken in our kitchen, sure enough, has just the right colors and face.
But was it all real, who is to say?