"Secret Messages?"

Often times when people talk, I feel like they are subtly talking about me. Do any of you go through this?


Yeah, standard Truman show stuff. Some kind of metaphysical thing going on there.

The people don’t consciously know they’re making references to your life / crazy narrative.

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I think this is an example of a delusion/idea of reference. I’ve had this for a while now. In my case, I think people, tv or random things are talking about me. It’s annoying but also a symptom of schizophrenia.

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i misread this as ‘secret massages’

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I know some of my perceptions like this one you describe had a component that seemed real in the outside world. It’s an illusion. Like mentioned above, it seems “metaphysical.”
Here is one definition of metaphysical: transcending physical matter or the laws of nature.

I know the feeling bro. Happens to me once in a long while. Usually music helps me block it out.


This happens to me all the time when I’m talking to people. They will be telling a story and I think they are purposely putting hints so I know they are putting me down or trying metaphorically school me on some fault I have. And I wonder alot if this is a symptom (which is likely) or is that really happening and how do I protect myself if I dont what’s true or not about what they’re saying to me. I could leave the friendship but that would be a loss if it’s just all in my head. But if I stay are they just walking all over me and making fun of me? I do this daily…its very hard when reality is hard to find. Most the time I just give up trying to figure it out and just except that I could be wrong in my perception. It’s better than snapping at someone and making a enemy.

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