Mind reading and hidden message

Government is reading my mind and send me secret message from my television,any body experience this also?

At one point I did, but then I asked myself why would the government devote resources to reading/controlling a random person’s mind. Didn’t really make sense to me. I still have other similar delusions though.

In the past yes but I am fine now.

This is called delusions of reference

I used to think it was the government, then the belief evolved into a new-agey, God-is-always-watching belief pattern that pops up once in a while.

The government has better things to do than implant brain chips in random people and monitor them, even if the technology did exist.

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i dance very,maybe they think i m king of dance or very special human being

Are you sure that I have delusion of reference

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Is it possible that. Nobody could read our mind

If you focus on the belief that no one can read your mind, and that any connections you made with your thoughts and things happening around you are just coincidences, it might help you get better.

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