Just starting Wellbutrin

100 mg in the morning for the first week, 150 mg in the morning for the second week, up to 300 mg in the morning on the third week and then moving forward.

Apparently, I’m depressed. Yay.

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Aw sorry to hear that pixel. Hope it works for you. Didn’t do anything for my symptoms BUT somehow it reversed the sexual side effects I got from my antipsychotic and made that side of things really satisfying so you may have that to look forward to at least LOL


I’ve been on Wellbutrin for a few years. At first I thought it wasn’t doing anything to me, but then I didn’t get it for a while, and I felt it. I’ve been on 100 x 2 daily for a while. I had the doctor double my dose, but it made me a little too giddy. I had to go back to my former dose.

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It may duplicate some of the effects of the sarcosine so you may have to reduce one or the other. Good luck.

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I liked. Wellbutrin I hope this one works for you.

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Good luck! I’m interested in trying this med. My NP will know next week if I should start it or not.

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Good luck with it @velociraptor!

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Nyet, tovarisch! Zee sarcosine, she is mine!

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I have been taking Wellbutrin since 2009. It doesn’t really noticeably make a difference until you forget to take it. Then you notice it. So it does subtly work.

It helps with the negatives and depression. I take the 300 extended release every morning. I was getting headaches a couple years ago and the PDoc thought it was the Wellbutrin and cut down my dose and life got tougher. I eventually got her to ramp it back up though.

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I hope it works for you. I’m on it & it seems to be doing something. It gives me more energy.

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I’m on it, it’s pretty good. Just be careful with stimulants or else it can trigger anxiety.

nice, wellbutrin seems to have a slight stimulating effect.
I hope it gets you out of your depression

I’ve been having increasing problems with avolition for the last three months. Then, last month, the suicidal urges started (thoughts of taking all my pills or hanging myself and my family being better off without me). I can’t think of any practical reason for the depression. We’re financially comfortable, my wife and I are both okay at work, our kid is recovering from the brain injury well and is back to normal, and yeah. My life is good.

Figured I’d get some help before things got out of control on me and I wound up acting on an urge. Not in any danger of it now, but I’d like to keep things that way. Nothing good ever comes from hiding what is going wrong in your head from your pdoc.



Good on you for being proactive.

Almost every suggestion I was going offer seems to have been answered by your last reply.

Do you think it has anything to do with you turning 50 this year? I ask because when I turned 50 I started to realize that most of my life was behind me.

Maybe you and your family should go on a mini-vacation? A 1-3 hour drive to a favorite location. You’ve been through a long, cold, snowy winter, so maybe you need to recharge the battery.

Regardless, I hope the Wellbutrin works well for you, and you feel better soon.

Being honest, I never expected to live this long as most people with my heart condition don’t. I’m not planning on checking out any time soon, but I’m trying to enjoy the extra time I’ve been blessed with and to live like I’ve got more years ahead of me (I have an RRSP on the off-chance I get old enough to retire). I’m not that distressed about my age. The health conditions that come with it like arthritis and diabetes, those I could do without.


I really wanted to try Wellbutrin. I’ve heard good things. Good luck with it!

Hope it helps


Wellbutrin helps me with my negatives, but it’s still a struggle. I do think it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning though.

I’m on day two now. No Eureka!!! moments yet. Got a fair amount done around the house yesterday, but that may have had more to do with fear of Mrs. Pixel than the meds. Didn’t need a three hour afternoon nap, so that helped. Got out of bed at 6am today and have assembled two radio shows for our volunteer broadcasters and built a Website for a co-worker (he’s an up and coming singer).

Working on a second cup of coffee and heading out for a photo shoot. Feeling a bit more productive.

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About three weeks in I’m starting to feel pretty much like my old self. Suicidal urges mostly faded. Avolition mostly gone as well. Not impressed with the frequent urination side-effect, however. As far as meds go, this is definitely one of the better ones I’ve been on. It also plays nicely with my sarcosine @Twang.


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