Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

Garbage article.


Clean drinking water, good air, healthy food, no chemicals.

I suspect alot of people are giving themselves the disease and not realize it, or maybe they do.

Not saying it will cure everyone at all times but with these things way fewer would get it in their lives.

Just remember, that isn’t shampoo in your hair, it’s cancer, thats not food, it’s cancer, that isn’t air you are breathing, it’s a disease, that isn’t a shower you are taking either, thats toxic.

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Indigenous people in the third world countries have cured cancer for many years. There is just too much profit in having cancer for it to be cured.

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Anyone who discovers the cure for cancer will instantly win a Nobel Prize and live forever in history as the person to stop one of the worst diseases ever to plague humanity. But it wouldn’t be profitable enough for them to do it.


My mother died from cancer. It offends me when you guys spout this ■■■■■■■■.

This isn’t ■■■■■■■■.
There was this guy back in the 70’s who came back from a vacation trying to share what he had learned. Not only did the pharmaceutical companies try to talk him out of publishing his book, the research companies agreed to ay him off to shut him up. He agreed to the money to not publish his book, and before he got a dime he was found murdered.

Sorry your mom died of cancer, but the truth is, there is a cure, maybe not a blanket cure as in one size fits all, but it was shown they have a cure.
Ask the people who work for the cancer research people, they will eventually admit it to being true.

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Yeah, you clearly sound like you know what you’re talking about.

my mother and father both had cancer and are now alive, I live in a third world country(Iran) and there is no cure here except what is for developed country, anyone who knows basics of cancer knows that cancer can not be cured so easily cause any cure(chemotherapy) that prevents cancer from developing also prevents other tissues of body to grow too and this makes serious health problems for the person who has cancer, cancer is curable but not too soon, It needs development of knowledge and hard work and many of trial and errors meanwhile there is different kind of cancer and each of them has it’s own treatment procedure so finding a general cure for all kind of cancer is an imagination at least for now. and at the end I don’t know why everyone here in this forum is so obsessed by UFO’s and aliens and FBI and cheating scientists and murdered saints and… I think it’s because of hollywood movies or magical thinking disorder which we schizophrenics are involved in.


@Malvok : You may find this of interest:

This treatment seems to be following the same trajectory as h.pylori did with ulcer treatment. It’s a new idea and it takes time to attract funding and the necessary studies to prove it is safe. Not a case of Big Pharma trying to stop effective treatments being developed, it’s just the speed medical science has to move at if treatments are to remain as safe as possible and be proven out:

Would be very cool to see major cancers being eradicated by simple blood transfusions in a decade or two from now.


Sometimes my paranoia will creep in, and i will blame the pharmaceutical companies for not finding a cure for SZ or even cancer. The truth is these scientists and pharmaceutical companies are doing their best and are working very hard on finding a cure, and the treatments for cancer are improving everyday.
My brother works for a pharmaceutical company, they make cancer drugs. He was explaining to me the arduous and complex process going into the science and patient trials - millions are spent by these pharmaceutical companies, hiring the brightest minds - all in the goal of finding a cure. Cancer and SZ are complex illnesses, pharmaceutical companies are doing their best, as you can tell I am not so paranoid lately :wink:


My only gripe with the pharm industry is that, well, it certainly don’t cost fifty dollars to make one Abilify pill! For most this simply isn’t an issue as it’s covered by insurance or medicare, but as I am still under my parents policy, which is justified because of my disability, I’ve had a $12000 deductible ever since my parents forced the insurance company to pay for 4 months of inpatient treatment…no biggy as this just comes out of a health savings account, but we have had to pay full price at the pharmacy so I did notice that, yes, it they are charging about 50 bucks a pop for abilify and there’s of course no generic.

Demanding this kind of retail price makes them as bad if not worse than black market drug dealers when it comes to price markups…I don’t care how much they spend on research, a months supply of a low dose of abillify should not cost the same as a months supply of cocaine!.

Obviously drug companies need to make reasonable profits to plough some back into further research. The problem is when the profit margins are obscenely high unnecessarily inflating the price of medications. Greed should not be allowed to come before people affording access to medication.



How many of you out there think that if a cure for cancer is found that it will NOT be quickly and secretly swept under the carpet by the pharmaceutical industry.

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Since I am stone broke, my summer vacation is the taking of a 30 kilometer walk from where I live on over to the downtown waterfront.

On the trip I pass a huge pharmaceutical plant/office, thus the sidewalk in front of it is at least the length of a football field. Anyhow, some people seemed to have been upset with the pharmaceutical company and so many of them walked their dogs back and forth across that stretch of sidewalk. The outcome was dog poop present in every square foot or so.

There was so much poop that you just wondered how the heck they managed to do it. But then again, I ASSUMED that it was dog poop. Perhaps more personal homework was involved in this.

I am getting a bit tired of those people who believe that pharmaceutical companies are evil entities out to get them and think of only of their pockets - existing out of greed. Without these meds (I do know they are not perfect) I would probably be locked up in some psychiatric institution or locked up in prison or wandering the days and nights on the streets, surviving on eating food out of garbage cans. Before these meds came out, life for people with severe mental illnesses were pure torture - being experimented on, locked up in institutions, chained and shackled, insulin “treatments” - lobotomies etc…
I wish people would understand that without these meds - many of us would not be going to school, working, shopping, listening to music, communicating effectively even. Antipsychotics are far from perfect, and I do realize there are side effects that come along with taking these meds, but I could not imagine my life without these meds, I would basically be doomed in so many different ways. Yes pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money - profits, but they also put a lot of money - millions into production, manufacturing, research, trials, marketing - finding then paying the brightest scientific minds a lot of money just to keep them.
The entire medical industry makes a lot of profits - insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, medical procedures, surgery etc… I wish people would stop isolating and targeting pharmaceutical companies for making a profit - do you know how much hospitals and some surgeons make? We live in a capitalistic society where everyone is trying to make a profit, and why not? The next time you are on the verge of cussing out a pharmaceutical company or your meds, stop and think of what life would be like without your medicine - living on the streets or in prison is not a comforting alternative


Well I get upset when folks were kindly taken over to Cuba to see how things were different over there and then seeing how they broke into tears when seeing that their $100.00 meds over there only cost 50 cents.

$0.50 sounds cheap to us. Not so much to a person making $12/mth.



Thus, if a richer nation evolves, then simply charge those patients say $1000.00 instead.

But if this is the case, then the rich here in the hear and now should be paying more for drugs than the poor do, but in most cases that ain’t happening. For some funny reason the price is confined to country borders.

Thus morals and ethics for some odd reason change their policies when they cross borders.

Canadians get ‘free’ health care, which sounds awesome. Until you buy food. Or fuel. Or buy anything else and realize the cost of living in Canada is very, very high. Gotta pay for ‘free’ somehow.

Prices are tied to national policies, which end at borders. I, for one, would not want to live in Cuba. No point having a healthy mind if using it will get you imprisoned for life.


I don’t think pharmaceutical companies are evil.

never said they were evil.

I don’t see them as whatsoever benevolent either. I think they are in business to make money as most corporations are. I was comparing them to black market drug dealers only in so far as they markup their prices about as much. This is why generics are so inexpensive, they are being sold for only a reasonable markup after the price of manufacture. When one of these companies has a market cornered on a drug they proceed with 90 to 100% price markups…that’s just wrong in my opinion and if it weren’t for our broken system this would not fly.

But of course part of human nature is a disease I call “For or against thinking” You’re either entirely for something and never criticize or you’re entirely against it.