Do you think medical scientists care more about people health or they care more about their profit

Most of the scientists are atheist and they don’t feel any obligation toward others. And unfortunately religious people don’t involve much in science. I believe that there is a better natural treatment for all of us, like combination of supplements, but the only reason scientist don’t try to find is, because there is no money in it. When pharmaceutical companies come up with medication, they market it around the world. If they find supplements that will treat us they wont be able to make huge profit on it, because every country produce their own supplements, and it will not be fair for scientist to discover a supplement and not being able to profit from the world.

I think they are doing their job. It think they have in mind that what they’re doing helps people.And they are aware their employers or sponsors or the people they get grants from want to make a profit. So it’s probably a combination of both… It’s like cancer research.They know that if they are successful in finding cure it will help mankind. And give them glory.

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Curious why religion doesn’t support science to try and improve the well-being of their followers? No money in it…? If people are pain free and content, they surely wouldn’t need a god to pray to?

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i think that they only want to help but at the same time they need to get paid for their good work so they can pay bills, and i dont think religion is totally against science,

i think god works through people. have you ever heard of the phrase ‘god works in mysterious ways?’ i think this is true

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I think they care more about the profit.

I think usually that people try to pick a profession because it’s something that they are interested in and yes to make money. Eventually if medications are not working then they won’t be getting prescribed as much so they won’t be making a profit. So it would be in their best interest to make medications that work.

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Where did you get the notion that most scientists are atheists? I go to educational conferences every year and meet tons of scientists. I also dated one for 4 years.

While many of them don’t believe in the biblical story of creationism, most I’ve met do believe in God. I even went to church with a group of pharma scientists from Baylor.

And scientists themselves are not concerned with profitability. They are focused on creating novel drugs to treat complex conditions. It’s the pharma COMPANY that is so concerned about profit.

These men and women of science joined the ranks because they are motivated to help. They don’t get paid very well, because of grants. They work insanely long hours. And they are mentally exhausted by the end of the day. But they STILL want to continue to help.

So, if anyone deserves the bird, it’s the pharmaceutical companies–not the scientists themselves.




Your post… word for word… Thank you for that. Exactly.

I could go on a very long rant about all the positive things I’ve seen science do, but it’s too early to rant. Since you still can’t just pray away pollution, bee colony collapse, polio,… etc… etc…
I’ll cast my lot in with the scientist. No need to rant…

Plus, Radmedtech said it all so eloquently.


People that go into medical research - scientists are not in it for the money. If they wanted money they would go into the business/finance field and aspire to become executives. Scientists are usually underpaid for what they do. My cousin is a scientist and she works long hours. She cares about her job - its more of a calling than a profession. They dedicate their lives in finding a cure for various illnesses. I really admire them for what they do


If you watch the stock market their is a whole lot of money for medical breakthroughs. Pharma companies go bankrupt or bought out when they haven’t come up with a recent breakthrough drug. A cure for schizophrenia would make a ton of money for a company that had it patented. They could charge what ever they wanted to millions of people all over the world and millions of people would pay for it. The brain is the most complicated thing on earth.

I hate to use my education in logic on you, but your first premise [quote=“Mindwhisperer, post:1, topic:3431”]
Most of the scientists are atheist and they don’t feel any obligation toward others

Is a poor statement, and it is false. I am an atheist and I want to be a clinical psychologist and do intake evaluations, which is helping people. Scientists work to make more effective drugs for treating psychiatric disorders- they do it for money, yes, who would work so hard for free? The thing is, just because they are mostly atheists doesn’t mean they dont believe in the concept of Good and helping people. Sure, they make bank, but they made the pillls I take and I am 99% symptom free and very highly functioning.

And scientists DO work hard to make newer, better antipsychotics with the fewer side effects. Again, a devout Christian wouldn’t do that for free, it’s hard work! Just because they make money doesnt mean they dont really want to help you. My therapist is an atheist and he is 125$ an hour, but he has had a huge impact on my recovery and really wants to help me.

Scientist are hired by companies and they are assigned in a project that the company make profit out of it. …

Is it wrong to make a profit no matter what you do?
Life isn’t free. Nothing is free, except a yearly trip around sun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like @radmedtech said, it isn’t the scientists who are so money hungry, it is the pharmaceutical companies. I think the research scientists genuinely want to help people. They have to make a living at it, because they have bills to pay too.

And, like @mortimermouse said, atheists can want to help people too. You don’t have to be religious to care about humanity.

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Don’t miss understand me, i will look into profit too but if i can find a better option i will stand up for that, and i will not bowl in front of more money just to keep me shut.

my brother is not a scientist but he does own a medical research company , in my opinion all he cares about is money .
whether the drugs work or not is immaterial…as long as he gets paid he does not care.
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