I believe that a cure for schizophrenia exists, and it is hidden from public view

I believe that a cure for schizophrenia exists and it is hidden from public view


Who are hidding it …my man…is it possible…!!!

not even a cure could help me


Nope. But if big pharma and the FDA weren’t so hell bent on staying in control of everything wed be way further with stem cells, gene therapy, brain implants, AI and new drugs.

Sz is a billion dollar market. Very profitable for big pharma. Is it really in their interest to cure us?


@GentleSoul 4 of the biggest ten companies in the world in revenue
are in the field of petroleum refining.
Crazy money is in this industry and yet there are plans to phase out fossil fuels.
It is also a matter of time-
these companies may be able to, if not prevent then they try to delay the end of oil.

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Maybe. That would be interesting.

That’s what I am saying. Delaying and slowing down progress.

I think big pharma company arent investing on sz reasearch…because sz is complex…am i right…

If we live in a computer simulation, I’m sure the cure already exists outside this reality. They just gotta want to give it to us. Maybe they want schizophrenics? (Maybe we gotta make our own progress, that is)

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We don’t live in a computer simulation. Even if some mad mathematician or physicist may think otherwise.

We do need to form our own scientific advocacy group, and that’s not unprecedented. I saw it happen in the gay community with AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP). ACT-UP splintered into Treatment Action Group (TAG), lead by Peter Staley (check out Facebook page for more info). Through relentless pressure, the FDA agreed to work with TAG, who were de facto researchers, and the result was retro-viral medications from Big Pharma.

We need to do the same thing.


@kindness good idea, but who will do it?
I believe that high functioning schizophrenics should take responsibility.
I know I have no chance to do anything like this.

Instead of waiting for a cure, we should just do what we can to get better: eat healthy, exercise, and take medications. Therapy has helped me.

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@insidemind I agree but it’s not enough.
We should also act to create a cure and better treatments.

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There’s no hidden cure, but there are promising treatments that haven’t been tried in humans yet.

It might be helpful to work through an existing organization rather than start from scratch.

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I don’t think it will be difficult to form a research advocacy group. There are many people with schizophrenia who know a lot about the disorder from a scientific perspective.

We don’t have the sense of urgency that I saw with AIDS back in the late 80’s, but maybe that’s because schizophrenia doesn’t kill us quickly (if at all).

@kindness no, that’s not the reason I believe.
The reason is that schizophrenia, wreaks havoc on many low functioning illness
and they are too disabled to help themselves.
The high functioning people, by contrast, either don’t care about a cure because they are relatively fine,
or hide their illness altogether to blend into society, or both.


I don’t see a cure as being possible.
You can’t change the structure of someone’s brain.

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Medications are fine petro-chemistry : medications are oil.

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You can, to an extent, today. They’ve shown through MRI that they can change and increase connectivity between brain regions with electro and magnetic stimulation, and cognitive therapy. They’ve also shown through MRI that they can protect neural tissue with drugs and supplements.

In the future, better tools tham these will be available.