Special accommodations

My special accommodations finally got approved for school! I got the following:
Exit Class for Health Needs
Note Taking Assistance
Preferential Seating
Digital Recorder
Testing w/ Reduced Distraction
Extended Test/Quiz Time - 50

I am also trying to get an accommodation for extended due dates on spontaneous assignments (one week extra on anything that was not already in the syllabus at the start of the semester) but that one will require a bit more paperwork. It took several months to get all this in. If anyone is thinking about going back to school, you should definitely start this process at least 6 weeks before your semester starts. Don’t end up like me and go through a semester and a half with no accommodations because you are intimidated by the paperwork.


I am glad you’re getting this support.

When I was studying back in 2010, focus on this was limited as were the supports

Things seem to be getting better, and I am pleased you will be able to get through your studies with this.

Keep going at @ninjastar - great things you’re doing

Don’t feel guilty about accepting the help. I find this hard to do, but you deserve a level playing field

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I don’t anymore. I played the guilt game my first try at college and I highly regret not taking the help I was entitled to.

Yeah that’s great!
I got special accommodations at my work when I was able to work years ago.

I’m glad for you @ninjastar

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How did you get special accommodations at work?

I was going to say, these accommodations are nice at university,

But don’t really prepare you for a work setting.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe some work places do.

I’ve filled out a heck of a lot of applications for work,

and typically they do ask if you’re able to meet the requirements,
but 9 times outta 10, it’s physical, and not mental.

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I told the higher ups at Human Resources that I suffered from a mental disorder, agoraphobia and anxiety.

They accommodated my request not to go on field trips where lots of travel was required.

This was basically the only accommodation that was granted for me.

Special accommodations apply in the workforce as well.


Anytime I told the higher ups I had any kind of condition,

I got fired.

For some ■■■■■■■■ other reason.

Maybe I was going about it wrong.

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also, you’ve got to go by whom is training you for the job,

typically somebody who’s been there too long, and doesn’t see thru your own eyes.

Believe me I was fired a couple of times because of my MI.

I think I got lucky for a while working with this understanding boss.

But yes accommodations are legal.


I had special accommodations at a few jobs. I needed a consistent schedule with 2 days in a row off, and pre-scheduled break times. You cam absolutely ask for special accommodations in the workplace, but it is trickier. Some places will fire someone for it.

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My trick for accommodations is to not mention it to anyone, but then have my doctor submit an official letter to HR after I’ve been working about a month. Enough time that they just spent the money training me and haven’t gotten their investment back yet in labor. That way it would be more costly to fire me than to accommodate me, and I have grounds for a wrongful termination charge based on a violation of EOE and ADA.

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Yes I had to offer them doctors notes.
I knew what I was doing during this time.

But they made it very difficult for me for a while.

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