Schizos and tobacco

i have read from my research that a lot of people who live with schizophrenia have a higher rate of being smokers…

i have never been a smoker but i am big on using dip tobacco or chewing tobacco snuff i feel that it has more nicotine content compared to cigarettes…

have any of you tried to quit smoking before or have been long term smokers and how do you feel about the concept of schizophrenia and tobacco?

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Smoking helps but it is not healthy though. I would have killed myself if I didn’t smoke. I can tell without a doubt I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t smoke. That’s why a lot of people with sz because smoking gives you something to do, relaxes you, and makes you happy. But again it’s not healthy.

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I stopped smoking but I know schizophrenics are known for smoking cigarettes and using drugs.

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I quit everything that was bad for me, smoking is the only thing I just can’t seem to walk away from

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Me too I wouldn’t have made it without cigarettes at one point. It was my only pleasure at one point. I was inactive too and it occupied my time. But I have problems now because of the cigarettes. Maybe I can lower them once I am more stable :wink:
The cigarettes definitely calm down us a bit, yes. And I saw in the hospital many people who never smoked before start smoking cause they had breaks…


I’ve found it really hard to quit smoking. I just started smoking a few bays ago on the eighth and started up again, after being on the patch for about a month.

I smoked a pack a day from 14 till I was 39. Tried endlessly to give up but shrink finally gave me a script for champix. Didn’t even finish the course and haven’t had a smoke since. Easiest thing ever although not everyone has a good time on the pills.

Seriously. The best thing I ever did for my health, and that is mentally as well, was give up the smokes. It’s a pleasurable thing but it’s so toxic health wise.


I switched to electronic-cigarette. It’s got me off cigarettes but the delicious flavour and nicotine has me hooked. Trying to lower the nicotine dosage slowly as I want to get off it too. My voices actually harassed me to quit smoking, e-cig included. It was a stressful time. But yes. E-cig has worked for me.

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Quiting ciggies was the best decision I ever made. I can breath now


I smoked for almost 8 years. I quit 4 and a half years ago. I’ve been vaping since then but now I am almost ready to quit this.

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Nicotine helps alot. I was a smoker for about 8 years before I decided to quit. Now I use nicotine lozenges and I pop around 8-10 per day. Gets me through the day. I don’t know what I would do without nicotine.

I read somewhere that schizos use nicotine to self medicate.

I was on nicotine lozenges for 3 and a half years once I gave up ciggys. I got down to 2 per day, and eventually gave those up. Now I don’t miss the nicotine at all.

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a couple years ago i tried doing the kill the can website support group went about 2 weeks without a pinch of chew but since i was popping nicotine lozenges they said i was out and people stopped showing support. one guy who i got his number and was texting was pissed as hell

ive been dipping almost every day since i was 18 so about 10 years ive been chewing. i have heard good things about if i go to doctor about it and getting some kind of medicine for it but i just havent thought to do that yet because i do enjoy tobacco. i guess ive just been wanting to know or hear about how it affected other schizos and symptoms before trying

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thats awesome man! was it chantix or champix?

i might try that route or atleast and thinking about what it would be like if i quit since i have been chewing for about 10 years everyday. but i want to know all the affects it has on other schizos and their symptoms before i talk to dr about it

i know dipping tobacco has helped me a lot with symptoms for relaxing me. the best time for me to dip is after i eat a meal i feel amazing

i never could get into smoking cigarettes maybe because my grandparents were chain smokers when i was growing up and my mom smokes too. but yea dip tobacco has helped me a lot with feeling more comfortable as i think that it has medicinal value that comes with it

I smoked before I got schizophrenia. Now I guess it is a good reason as any not to quit.

Nobody likes a quitter. But I suppose it would be good for my health.

Yeah it’s called different over here in Australia. It’s easy but can make you a little sick when starting. It works but you have to be keen to stop that helps

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I vape now. Started a couple years a go. It isn’t great either but i look at it as a step up from cigs. However i have a bigger nicotine intake from my e cig then a regular cigarette